3 Tips for Energy Reduction at the Office

Feb 27, 2020

If you've had an LED retrofit completed, you're already on the right track to reducing energy consumption in your office. LED lights use as much as 90% less energy than conventional lighting, and last up to five times longer. Even with your energy-efficient LED lighting,...

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Why Increasing a Facility’s Energy Efficiency Matters

Feb 20, 2020

Energy efficiency has become one of the buzzwords associated with reducing the impact of commercial activity on the planet. From time to time, it's helpful to return to basics to reflect on the substance behind the hype. As a reminder, true energy efficiency is simply...

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Lighting in Data Centers

Jan 25, 2020

The future of IT depends on high-tech advances in data centers. Although we expect to see new data center systems being introduced, most people do not focus their attention on lighting advances in data centers. According to the Telecommunications Industry Association, there are standards that...

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How to Attract Customers to Products with Better Lighting

Jun 28, 2019

You already know that every single display detail matters in retail spaces. But there's nowhere that's truer than in a grocery store. Different lights change how green the produce looks or how red and fresh the meat appears. Lighting also changes how customers move throughout...

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3 Tips for Energy Reduction in Your Business

Jun 07, 2019

When you have a business, you have a lot of expenses to consider, including your energy usage. However, there are there are things that you can do to lower your energy bill while creating a comfortable workplace for you and your employees. Effectively Program the Thermostat Programmable...

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The Importance of High Quality Manufacturing Lighting

May 09, 2019

When operating a manufacturing facility there a lot of different competing concerns that need to be addressed and considered, pulling ones attention in many different directions at once. Safety, quality, productivity, costs, and employee morale are all at the top of this list, and often...

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Energy Efficient Lighting and Your Company

Apr 13, 2019

More and more businesses today are concerned with sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment. One way they achieve this is by implementing energy efficient lighting systems. Not only are these systems better for the environment, but they can positively affect a firm's bottom...

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Remember Energy Efficient Lighting when Redesigning your Buildings

Apr 06, 2019

While businesses will typically spend resources on consultants for process efficiencies during the redesign process, they might not look towards energy efficiencies as a cost-saving measure. If your business is considering a redesign or new build, you could be missing some of the simplest cost...

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