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Retail & Hospitality

Lighting Solutions

Key Benefits

Lighting plays an important role in creating a positive first impression. Well-lit establishments attract more customers in the door, encourage people to buy more and make people feel safe. In essence, lighting brings your establishment to life. Utilizing energy-efficient lighting to achieve this will reduce electricity costs, eliminate costly maintenance and create the ideal shopping environment for your customers. As an added benefit, you will reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. Something all customers appreciate today!


Making a positive first impression
Getting customers to buy more
Creating the ideal shopping atmosphere
Making customers feel safe and secure
High lighting electricity and maintenance costs


Creates a positive first impression drawing people in
Positive shopping atmosphere and ambiance
Highlight products/services encouraging people to buy more
Improved customer safety and security
Reduced lighting electricity and maintenance costs

Some of Our Projects

Parnian Furniture – Scottsdale, AZ

Hundreds of power-hungry halogen and incandescent lamps were upgraded at the beautiful Parnian Furniture in Scottsdale, AZ. Not only did the electricity bill plummet, the entire facility became more comfortable with reduced heat generated from the lighting.

W Hotel Scottsdale

Relumination worked with the W Hotel Scottsdale to upgrade over 1600 lights in guest rooms, lobbies, common areas and the garage.

Talking Stick Resort

Relumination worked with Talking Stick Resort to upgrade the lighting in their Poker Room.

Desert Botanical Gardens

As one of the most unique botanical gardens in the country it was important to choose the right lighting to highlight the gardens without ruining the ambience. Relumination worked to replace over 1600 lights through out the garden to reduce energy and maintenance costs.