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The Importance of Energy Efficiency in University Lighting

Lighting a university is a complex endeavor. From lecture halls to administrative buildings, and from parking lots to dorm halls, the right light can not just enhance the student experience, but also provide crucial safety at all corners of your campus.

Even smaller universities typically accommodate thousands of students. Much attention is spent on enhancing the classroom and living experience, and lighting is an underrated but crucial part of that progress. Sure, no alum wants to give a donation to keep the lights on. But it’s nevertheless crucial to sustainably educate students year after year.

At the same time, the lighting at your university is also a major expense. Colleges and universities in the United States¬†spend about $1.10 per square foot¬†on electricity alone. It’s difficult to save when lighting has to be available at all times, and around the clock.

For organizations depending on tuition, donations, and public dollars, cost savings always matter. The more you can save on keeping the lights on, the better. At the same time, American universities have also seen a movement toward more energy-efficient solutions to running their campuses. Combine these two trends, and one need clearly emerges: energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Make no mistake: changing the lights on your campus is a major undertaking. But, considering how much you can save in the process, it’s well worth it. University lighting is complex, which requires a company with experience in the space to partner with you.