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The Many Benefits of a Commercial Lighting Retrofit

The many ways that retrofitting your existing commercial lighting can be beneficial can also be surprising. When most people think of retrofitting their existing lighting they think of merely the energy savings that they will save. While this benefit is real and quite often saves enough money on electricity to pay for the cost of the retrofit, there are many additional benefits as well.

Safety is one of the benefits that is hard to quantify but can more than make up for the cost of the lighting upgrade. Dim, blinking, or dirty light bulbs and fixtures can create a safety hazard by hiding trip hazards, objects sitting or protruding into walkways or wet slippery floors. The better the lighting the less likely that a trip or fall accident will happen. The cost of a workers comp claim or the cost of a lawsuit from a customer will greatly outweigh the costs of upgrading your lighting. This problem can be compounded if equipment, shelving, or decorating has been changed significantly since the lighting was originally installed. Light fixtures may be blocked by equipment that wasn’t originally there when the lighting was installed, making most of the light they produce be blocked off from illuminating the areas needed.

Additionally, better lighting can improve the atmosphere in a room. A well-lit room will contribute to happier and more productive employees in addition to contributing to a better customer experience. It’s hard to put a dollar figure to this benefit but it’s clear that this benefit is real. A dim workspace becomes miserable to work in, and nobody wants to patronize an establishment that feels like it’s trying to hide something in the shadows.

One often overlooked benefit is the decrease in hassle that you gain when retrofitting your lighting. Besides the energy savings that newer bulbs provide, they also provide longer life, which equals less changing out of bulbs. Although the act of changing out a bulb seems simple enough, compound that with all of the bulbs in a large facility or building and that task can quickly become a job. Longer lasting bulbs such as LED’s practically eliminate this hassle. No more rushing to replace a bulb that went out in an area that needs to be very bright. No need to bring in equipment routinely to change out hard to reach bulbs. No more changing out working bulbs because the other ones in the area went out and you don’t want to bring in the lift next week to replace it. No more hunting down bulbs that are no longer carried by many suppliers or that are obsolete.

Bottom line, retrofitting your commercial lighting saves you money in the long run, improves your safety, improves the quality of life for your employees and customers, and simplifies a recurring problem. It’s hard to argue with that. If you are considering a commercial lighting retrofit¬†contact us¬†here at Relumination to see how we can help.