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Warehouse & Distribution

Lighting Solutions

Key Benefits

A well lit warehouse or distribution center is critical to an efficient operation. Employees are picking, packing, and loading, as well as running fork trucks throughout the facility. Having well designed lighting will not only improve worker safety, it can improve performance, reduce mistakes and save money. Since many facilities operate 24/7, lighting costs can account for up to 30% of a facility’s total electric bill. Energy-efficient lighting can significantly reduce lighting related electricity and maintenance costs while improving light levels within a facility. Energy-efficient lighting will not only enhance performance; it will improve the bottom line.


Worker safety issues and concerns
Picking, packing and loading mistakes
Reduced worker productivity due to poor lighting levels
High electricity and maintenance costs


Reduced workdays lost due to improved worker safety
Fewer picking, packing and loading mistakes
Improved light levels = increased productivity and moral
Reduced energy and maintenance costs benefit the bottom line

Some of Our Projects

Albertsons DC – North Salt Lake, UT

Relumination implemented networked, wireless lighting controls and LED Lighting in the distribution center and new exterior lighting to provide a safer working environment in this nearly 700,000sq ft distribution center.

Southern Glazer’s

Relumination partnered with Southern Glazer's to implement a full-facility lighting upgrade that covered office, exterior and manufacturing space.

Dillard’s DC #29

Relumination partnered with Dillard's at their facility in Gilbert, AZ to reduce energy and maintenance costs by over 80%!

Canyon Distributing – Yuma, AZ

Canyon Distributing chose Relumination for three of their facilities in Arizona. Offices, exterior and warehouse lighting were all upgraded to save energy and improve the facility's safety and productivity.

Poly Print

Relumination worked with Poly Print to implement a full-facility lighting upgrade that covered office, exterior, warehouse and manufacturing space.

Grocery Distribution Center Oregon

Relumination worked an Oregon based grocery distributor to reduce energy consumption over 85% in their 1 Million Square Foot facility.

Breakthru Beverage

Breakthru Beverage is one of the largest distributors of wine & sprits in Arizona. Their facility had been expended from 250,000 sq ft to over 450,000 sq ft and the existing lighting was both inefficient and costly to maintain.