Warehouse & Distribution Lighting Solutions

A well lit warehouse or distribution center is critical to an efficient operation. Employees are picking, packing, and loading, as well as running fork trucks throughout the facility. Having well designed lighting will not only improve worker safety, it can improve performance, reduce mistakes and save money. Since many facilities operate 24/7, lighting costs can account for up to 30% of a facility’s total electric bill. Energy-efficient lighting can significantly reduce lighting related electricity and maintenance costs while improving light levels within a facility. Energy-efficient lighting will not only enhance performance; it will improve the bottom line.


  • Worker safety issues and concerns
  • Picking, packing and loading mistakes
  • Reduced worker productivity due to poor lighting levels
  • High electricity and maintenance costs


  • Reduced workdays lost due to improved worker safety
  • Fewer picking, packing and loading mistakes
  • Improved light levels = increased productivity and moral
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs benefit the bottom line
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