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Our Tailored Approach

How we make sure to take care of you

How our approach is specifically tailored to your needs

Relumination uses an effective 6-step process to give each unique facility the best energy efficient lighting solution. By determining your needs and creating a custom lighting plan, Relumination can increase your energy savings and provide you with a more efficient lighting system. No matter your existing lighting layout, we work with your team to create the ideal lighting solution to meet your company’s needs. The graphic below provides a deeper look into the details of our approach to great results.

Needs Analysis
The first step in determining the viability of an energy-efficient lighting upgrade is the needs analysis. To understand your unique needs and challenges, a member of our sales staff will conduct an interview with you about your existing lighting. This will provide a framework for the lighting upgrade and a foundation for your project.
Engineered System Design
If the needs analysis identifies an opportunity for an upgrade and you decide to move forward, an engineered system design begins with an on-site assessment of your current lighting. The on-site assessment includes a count and layout of your existing lighting, measurement of light levels and additional details on your objectives and goals. A Relumination project engineer will utilize a computer software design system to determine the perfect lighting layout for your facility.
Project Proposal
After the information is gathered and analyzed, a custom project proposal is created. The project proposal will include a custom layout/design, product recommendations, energy savings analysis, potential utility incentives, total upgrade costs, ROI analysis, and implementation timeline.
Implementation & Project Management
Once the project is approved, you will be assigned a Relumination Project Manager. The project manager will be your point person to ensure your project is executed to our high standards, on time and within budget. They will handle all aspects of completing the project from scheduling to on-site supervision. Our goal is to perform the implementation of your project around your schedule to minimize disruption to your business.
Post-Implementation & Project Completion
After the installation is completed, the project manager will perform a complete system test to ensure everything is working correctly and will complete all necessary verification steps to submit utility company rebates. Also, the project manager will follow-up with the utility company on your behalf to make sure the rebate is processed and approved.
Service & Support
Relumination will provide on-going service and support including periodic system checks and training for new employees on system operation. We also provide 1-year parts and labor warranty on all installation to cover workmanship-related issues as well as facilitation of issues with installed equipment that fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. Our goal is 100% satisfaction!