LED Lighting Solutions for Cold Storage Facilities and Warehouses

It’s no secret that an LED light bulb will last longer than a comparable fluorescent light bulb. Besides that, LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, meaning lower electricity bills. Nevertheless, many cold storage facilities and other warehouses still use fluorescent lighting systems. The problem is that many believe an LED lighting system will have high upfront costs. The good news is that LED lighting costs have dropped significantly over the years. It’s indisputably worth it for cold storage facilities and warehouses to make the switch to LED lighting.

There is a reason that the meat drawer of every refrigerator is on the bottom shelf. It’s because the top shelf is the warmest place in the refrigerator. This is not only because heat rises, but also because that’s usually where the light bulb is. Traditional light bulbs, including fluorescent bulbs, emit excessive heat. Using this type of lighting system limits the safety and dependability of a cold storage facility. LED light bulbs emit far less heat than traditional and fluorescent light bulbs. That’s why LED lighting systems can be found in state of the art cold storage facilities around the world. Additionally, using an LED lighting system will let the air conditioning system relax a bit, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Not only do LED light bulbs last longer, they require less maintenance. LED light bulbs are known for their durability. They have the capability to last for decades without a hiccup. Additionally, modern systems are set up to be controlled and monitored from afar. At large facilities, there are many variables to worry about. For example, machines require maintenance and electronics require troubleshooting. Having an LED lighting system means having one less thing to worry about.

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