Top Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the newer forms of illumination to hit the mainstream. Most people know that these bulbs need less power to operate, but this is really just the start of how they save energy. They actually conserve power and help both the environment and your company’s wallet at many points after leaving the factory. Here are a couple of the top ones:

They Last Longer Than Most Alternatives

This has the obvious benefit of saving you from having to have them replaced as often, but it also has ecological benefits. Less-frequent replacement means that fewer new bulbs have to be made, so fewer resources are used over time. There is also less air pollution produced because fewer bulbs need to be trucked from manufacturing plants to sellers, fewer raw materials have to be obtained and sent to plants, and more.

They Can be Safer

Many LED bulbs are made with plastic diffusers to get the “soft white” appearance and hide the individual LED lights that make them up. Plastic covers don’t shatter if dropped, so liability brought on by missed broken glass shards is a thing of the past. These bulbs also don’t overheat and blow up like some incandescent ones used to.

LED lights are also safer because they don’t generate a lot of heat. It was easily possible to get burned by touching a running incandescent bulb, but you can put your hand on most LED bulbs with only a minimum of discomfort. This doesn’t just minimize the chance of personal injury at displays with low lights. It also reduces the risk of fire. The reduction in fire risk is important in commercial settings where the bulbs may be positioned in places where they can’t easily be reached.

These are just some of the reasons you should give your business an LED lighting upgrade. To learn more, just contact us.