8 Ways in Which LED Lighting Is All Around You

LEDs may be new on the scene but they are already being used a great deal. Many people are currently getting LED lighting upgrades because, as compared to fluorescents, LEDs have a longer life. Plus, they are more energy efficient and emit a cooler light.

You may think that LED lighting is only useful in isolated instances. However, LEDs are often used as indicators i.e., to pass on some kind of message to people. Here are some indicators that we are all familiar with:

  1. Traffic Lights: LED lights are used as traffic lights.
  2. Train Stations and Airports: LEDs are also used on boards that give arrivals and departure information in train stations and airports.
  3. Stadiums: In stadiums as well, LED lights are used on the boards which keep score.
  4. Exit Signs: These are usually made with LED lights.
  5. Ships: Ship navigation lights also make use of LEDs.
  6. Night Vision: LEDs are used when it’s necessary to maintain night vision e.g., airplane cockpits, astronomy observatories etc.
  7. Cars: LED lights have very fast switching times. So they are often used as brake lights in cars. As compared to incandescents, LEDs can light up 0.5 seconds faster. This may not seem like much but it can make all the difference to the car behind you. Similarly, LEDs are also being used for rear lights and headlights in cars and other vehicles.
  8. Glowsticks: LEDs are often used in glowsticks. Although a glowstick is sometimes used as a toy, it can also be used in military, police or fire operations.

So commercial LED lighting may seem like it’s just gaining ground but if you look at the above list, you’ll see that there are many commercial uses of LEDs that we are already familiar with. After all, we’ve all seen traffic lights or been to a baseball game. As a result, we may not know it but we’ve all benefited from the various uses of LED lights.

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