A Commercial Retrofit Is a Long Term Investment; Plan Carefully

Mar 05, 2020

Since most high-quality LED fixtures are rated for 250,000 hours or 20+ years of continuous 24 hour use, building owners considering a commercial lighting retrofit should realize that they are investing for the long-term.  A properly done LED retrofit requiring minimal or no maintenance will...

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Reduce your Carbon Footprint with LED Lighting

Feb 07, 2020

With this winter's extreme weather, it's becoming more and more clear that we have to act fast to address the issue of climate change. As a business owner, you're in a very special position when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint. Not only can...

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Time to Be “Smart” About Lighting Solutions

Dec 02, 2019

In the past several decades, the lighting industry has come a long way, going from incandescent and fluorescent lights to HIDs and LEDs. The 21st century has brought us a new approach to lighting – smart operation. The power of smart lighting solutions is hard to...

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Two Important Benefits of LED Parking Garage Lighting

Jan 16, 2017

Many people consider parking garages as ugly, dark, and dangerous places. This reputation is due in large part to poor upkeep and poor lighting. It doesn't help that commonly used lights in parking garages produce an eerie off-white color that disorients the customer. However, this...

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Invest In LED Parking Lot Lighting for its Impressive Reliability

Jul 16, 2015

Replacing light bulbs throughout your workplace can be a simple task to accomplish. However, when you have problems with parking lot lights, you generally have to rely on professional assistance. It is best to invest in LED parking lot lighting because it is such a reliable type...

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3 Great Reasons to use LEDs for Parking Garage Lighting

May 18, 2015

LED lighting has benefits for every industry and every application. For example, if you manage a parking garage. Check out these 3 great reasons you should make LEDs your parking garage lighting solution. Energy Savings: If your parking garage has underground or otherwise dimly lit sections, at least some of...

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Parking Lot Lighting: Don’t Leave Customers In The Dark

Jun 05, 2014

If you operate or own a business, it's important to protect the area, the building, and all of the employees. Installing parking lot lighting can protect your business from a safety and security standpoint. If you are running a business that does not have enough...

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