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How to Make Point of Purchase Displays Pop

Physical stores are in an increasingly high stakes competition with online vendors. Some of the top advantages are in-store selections (since most people would still rather pick out their own produce and try on clothing), interactions, and overall experience. If your marketing focus is on creating good experiences online stores can’t rival, focus on making memorable displays. Here’s how:

Make point of purchase displays relevant to your customers.

People don’t want to have more potential purchases thrown in their faces without context. Create displays that your target market will care about. This can range from displays with typically forgotten purchases to interactive, fun demonstrations of new products. Not only do these displays make lines feel shorter, they address potential needs that would otherwise frustrate shoppers who don’t want to lose their place.

Use lights to make displays and featured products more attractive.

You can use lights to lead people through your store. Whether you’re illuminating common paths to decrease clog in the aisles or you’re using lights to break up sections of the floor, they can do a lot to help organize the experience. Make sure that effect extends to your displays: high beams can draw visitors’ eyes from around the store, and warm LEDs can draw in nearby shoppers.

Don’t let it be cluttered or shadowed.

Displays should both serve a purpose and highlight the best aspects of your store. So make sure customers know what the products are and what to do with a clever statement and call to action. But clarity isn’t enough to make a display persuasive. Keep the point of purchase display well-stocked, organized, and with clean, clear lines. Also keep it well-lit to make it look cleaner and more regularly attended even during your busiest days.