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Reasons to Invest in Sustainable Lighting

Over the past decade, most commercial property owners have continued to see an increase in their overall energy bills. Due to the expectation of continued increases in energy costs, upgrading to a sustainable lighting system could be a great option as it will provide a business owner or commercial property owner with a variety of benefits.

Energy Cost Reduction

One reason why a property owner should upgrade to a sustainable lighting system is because it will lead to a reduction in overall energy costs. Sustainable lighting systems utilize far less energy than traditional lighting systems. Along with this, a property owner will see their total energy costs decline significantly with some reporting cost savings up to 90%.

Environmental Benefits

Another reason to invest in sustainable lighting is because it is better for the environment. Buildings that use traditional lighting systems can use a significant amount of energy each year, which ultimately requires the use of fossil fuels. Those that upgrade to a sustainable system will greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

Property Value AppreciationĀ 

The third reason to upgrade to a sustainable lighting system is that it can lead to a significant increase in the value of the property. Real estate investors today are looking for assets that provide environmental benefits and can report affordable utility bills. Properties that have these upgrades, including those that receive LEED certification, will often be purchased at a premium compared to other assets in the marketplace.