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Why LEDs Provide Safer Manufacturing Lighting

Dec 04, 2017

With older technologies, providing a brightly lit work area conflicts with economics. The reason is their energy inefficiency. On the other hand, LEDs produce less waste heat, and therefore provide bright lighting without high energy bills. LED light is also unidirectional, which means most of...

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Design Considerations for Manufacturing Lighting

May 10, 2017

Many elements go into creating a successful manufacturing facility, and good lighting is one component that should not be overlooked. Good lighting in an industrial facility can keep workers safe and more productive, and a cheerful, well-lit workplace can be good for morale. However careful...

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Why LEDs Are Ideal for Manufacturing Lighting

Feb 28, 2017

Not all manufacturing environments are the same. Some are less forgiving than others. In fact, some are extremely unforgiving. Cement production plants are one example. There are limestone crushing operations, milling machines, and a gigantic hot kiln that rotates. Cement powder is blown through pipes...

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How Manufacturing Lighting Benefits from LED Technology

Oct 18, 2016

Increased global competition has forced manufacturers to produce their goods more efficiently. Increased efficiency demands less time intensive, resource intensive, and energy intensive manufacturing processes. In terms of energy efficiency, it is useful to expand your attention beyond the manufacturing process to include the energy...

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How LEDs Impact Manufacturing Lighting

Jun 25, 2015

Energy intensive industries like manufacturing often look to energy-efficient technology innovations in the manufacturing process itself. However, LED lighting technology is a simpler and cheaper way to reduce costs. In addition to its low energy consumption, LEDs have other attributes that are ideal for manufacturing lighting....

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3 Benefits of Manufacturing Lighting From LED Sources

May 29, 2014

Fact OR fiction? In 2012 the United States enacted legislature that will completely phase out the production of incandescent light bulbs. By the end of this year 40, 60, 75, and 100-watt bulbs will no longer be produced.   FACT! These changes are having a revolutionary impact on...

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