Time to Be “Smart” About Lighting Solutions

Dec 02, 2019

In the past several decades, the lighting industry has come a long way, going from incandescent and fluorescent lights to HIDs and LEDs. The 21st century has brought us a new approach to lighting – smart operation. The power of smart lighting solutions is hard to...

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Increasing Property Value Through Landscape Lighting

Apr 25, 2019

Property value is measured beyond an actual dollar amount. The appeal of a property and its ability to create a draw of many people is of the utmost importance to any and all property owners. One very important way to increase this appeal is to...

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Do You Need A Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade?

Mar 02, 2019

How many times have customers or guests complained to you about your parking lot lights? How many times have you been in a parking lot where the parking lot lighting systems seem to be outdated? If a parking lot is using high-pressure sodium lights, there...

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3 Reasons to Update Your University’s Exterior Lighting

Oct 26, 2018

Don't let your university be dark at night. Dim, sporadic, and old lighting makes people feel unsafe. It also makes the grounds look uninviting. Here are three reasons why it's time to start updating the exterior lights. 1. Dim lighting is a safety issue. Poor lighting will...

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Why Do I Need Exterior Lighting for My Business?

Aug 09, 2018

Exterior lighting might not be something that all business owners consider when purchasing a new facility, warehouse, parking lot, or other outdoor areas for their company. What many do not know is that having outdoor areas with appropriate lighting can positively impact their business in...

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8 Ways in Which LED Lighting Is All Around You

Jul 13, 2018

LEDs may be new on the scene but they are already being used a great deal. Many people are currently getting LED lighting upgrades because, as compared to fluorescents, LEDs have a longer life. Plus, they are more energy efficient and emit a cooler light. You...

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Safety on Campus: How Effective Lighting Means Safer Students

Jul 06, 2018

A recent article in The Michigan Daily, the school newspaper of the University of Michigan, reported that students were very concerned about crime in areas where the lighting was poor both at the university and around Ann Arbor in general. According to the article, "Online crime statistics highlight...

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