About Relumination

Why Lighting?

Relumination was founded with the idea that saving energy is less expensive than figuring out ways to produce more. In 2007, our founder, Daniel Henderson was working in the commercial and residential home automation industry. Lighting controls were just starting to become a priority for automation and using controls to save energy. Having a background in technology and a passion for sustainability, Daniel saw an opportunity. Why not incorporate lighting controls into energy-efficient lighting systems for the benefit of commercial and industrial facilities? Instead of lighting controls only in the boardroom, incorporate them in the office, factory floor and warehouse areas as well. And with that, Relumination was born!

The Foundation

In 2009, Relumination opened up shop in Daniel’s garage with a suitcase full of lights and the ambition to show them to everyone who would listen. The idea of combing controls with energy efficient lighting took a foothold with our customers and the business began to flourish. So did the size, scope and complexity of Relumination’s lighting projects. Our first lighting project in 2009 was a 2,000 sq. ft. restaurant and today we are upgrading 1,000,000 sq. ft. facilities for large Fortune 500 companies. We have a staff of highly-skilled employees and have completed projects in 28 states.


States Where We Have Completed Projects

Our Approach

Our Approach

Learn about how our team approaches each unique project to deliver you and your facility the best results.

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Utility Company Incentives

Utility Company Incentives

Often a large portion of your project cost can be offset by utility company incentives. We work with your utility company to maximize available incentives.

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Why We Care

Relumination is unique because we actually care about your lighting. Yes, that sounds strange, but it is true. We care how your lighting looks and how your employees can work more efficiently under it. We care about the products we use in your facility. We care about the quality of the installation work we do. We care about how much we can save our clients in electricity and maintenance costs. We care about the experience you have working with Relumination throughout the entire process.

The Future

Our plan is to continue to grow organically one project at a time. We plan on being around for a long time. Our goal is to continue to expand in the western United States while servicing our client’s facilities all over the country. Our local “feel” combined with a national reach is one of the reasons our clients enjoy working with us. No matter if your facility is 25,000 square feet in Phoenix or 1,000,000 square feet in Portland, we have you covered!

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