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Improve Light Levels & Visibility
Reduce Electricity Expenses
Go Green and Save the Planet
Relumination, Experts in LED lighting


Improve Light Levels & Visibility
Reduce Electricity Expenses
Go Green and Save the Planet
Relumination, Experts in LED lighting

Smart Brands Choose Relumination

Relumination is a full service national solution provider for all your commercial lighting needs.

We provide sustainable lighting solutions, products and services that reduce energy consumption. Our valued customers are in various industries from manufacturing, to office, to retail, we illuminate it all.

Utilize our on-staff lighting experts to:  

  • Design & engineer new construction lighting packages or retrofit projects that are custom tailored to your business

  • Procure the correct lighting fixtures for your application

  • Install and commission lighting fixtures

  • Service lighting fixtures

History of Success

Converted to LED lighting

Annual customer savings

C02 emissions avoided

Cars eliminated annually

Average first year ROI

Utility rebates obtained

Benefits Too Good To Ignore

Why Relumination

We do one thing and we do it well, commercial lighting. Our team custom designs lighting solutions that deliver the performance objectives your company requires to run in an optimal environment. New LED lighting systems consistently outperform legacy lighting fixtures and require zero maintenance for nearly 20 years. At Relumination we are device agnostic and do business with the top lighting manufactures in the world (Acuity, GE, Digital Lumens etc.), meaning we will help you select fixtures and manufacturers that meet your specific specifications and performance metrics to best support your business.  Speak with one of our associates to learn more, we think you will be impressed.   

Return on Investment

Generally speaking, lighting upgrades have the highest return on investment of any sustainability project available today. At Relumination, we amply your returns by masterfully tailoring your lighting solution to your specific business requirements which maximizes savings, secures the greatest incentives when available and eliminates maintenance expense. Not all lighting is the same, choose a partner who knows the differences and you can trust. 

Safety First

Our lighting solutions have many qualitative benefits, whether it be improving worker safety or increasing productivity there are immediate and tangible benefits to lighting that goes well beyond simple ROI or sustainability. On countless implementations we are told by client employees how much better their jobs are now that they can actually see what they are doing!   See our case studies to learn more. 

Save the Planet

Impact. Legacy. Global Stewardship. A Cleaner Tomorrow.    These aren’t just “buzz words”, at Relumination they are marching orders.   We have upgraded well over one million light fixtures to LED and with every fixture we are moving the planet closer towards sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.  Speak with an associate today to learn how we can assist your company in meeting your sustainability goals. 

The Relumination Road to Lighting Success

Our approach


The first step in determining the viability of an energy-efficient lighting upgrade is the needs analysis. To understand your unique needs and challenges, a member of our sales staff will conduct an interview with you about your existing lighting. This will provide a framework for the lighting upgrade and a foundation for your project.   


If the needs analysis identifies an opportunity for an upgrade and you decide to move forward, an engineered system design begins with an on-site assessment of your current lighting. The on-site assessment includes a count and layout of your existing lighting, measurement of light levels and additional details on your objectives and goals. A Relumination project engineer will utilize a computer software design system to determine the perfect lighting layout for your facility. This is a free service. 


After the information is gathered and analyzed, a custom project proposal is created. The project proposal will include a custom layout/design, product recommendations, energy savings analysis, potential utility incentives, total upgrade costs, ROI analysis, implementation timeline, and financing options.  Depending on customers preference, we have the ability to install the lights as a turn key solution or ship the fixtures with lighting design to clients facility for their own maintenance department or contractor to install.


Once the project is approved, you will be assigned a Relumination Project Manager.  The project manager will be your point person to ensure your project is executed to our high standards, on time and within budget.  They will handle all aspects of completing the project from scheduling to on-site supervision.  Our goal is to perform the implementation of your project around your schedule to minimize disruption to your business.


After the installation is completed, the project manager will perform a complete system test to ensure everything is working correctly and will complete all necessary verification steps to submit utility company rebates.  Also, the project manager will follow-up with the utility company on your behalf to make sure the rebate is processed and approved.


Relumination will provide on-going service and support including periodic system checks and training for new employees on system operation. We also provide 1-year parts and labor warranty on all installation to cover workmanship-related issues as well as facilitation of issues with installed equipment that fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. Our goal is 100% satisfaction!

Let There Be Light!

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Whether you are interested in retrofitting one facility or 300, Relumination is your trusted commercial lighting advisor and partner

Contact us today, click here to get started

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