Good LED Illumination is Essential for Safety in Multi-level Parking Garages

All parking garages must have good lighting for safety and security. LED lighting provides safe illumination that eliminates shadows and guides drivers through any parking structure. This is extremely important for parking and safely navigating the maze of lanes and stalls in multi-level parking garages.

Underground parking

Your parking garage may be a subterranean parking lot with multiple levels below one or more buildings. This type of garage may need excellent illumination 24/7, especially if it is part of a hospital complex. People park their vehicles in an area that does not receive daylight. They need sufficient light to read signs and find elevators, stairs, doors, and escalators that will carry them into the buildings. Drivers and passengers will also return to their vehicles that must be located easily.

LED illumination will provide the light necessary for all parking levels to help drivers find their way into and out of complex underground parking structures that have marked directional lanes. Drive lanes often appear to be narrow and drivers backing vehicles out of parking spaces must be able to see oncoming traffic. LED overhead or wall lights will help all drivers judge distances from other vehicles. The lights are designed to provide good illumination without a glare.

Structures above ground

Multi-level parking garages above ground can also be a labyrinth of lanes leading in and out of the structure. While these structures may receive some light during the day, they are often used at night. Lighting must be adequate for your clients, shoppers or residents to park and return to their vehicles.

Good lighting is a deterrent to vehicle break-ins and theft. Security cameras are usually placed in strategic areas of parking garages. Good LED illumination helps the cameras see and often record vehicle and pedestrian movements.

High-performance LED ceiling lights can be placed over parking stalls in all parking structures. Special LED light posts are often used for the uncovered rooftop parking space. LED lighting uses semiconductor technology that consumes less energy than standard fluorescent or incandescent lights. LED fixtures last much longer than conventional lights. This results in saving money on utilities and maintenance.

Contact us at Relumination to evaluate your specific needs for LED lighting in parking structures. We will design a lighting solution that will keep drivers and passengers safe and secure in your parking garage.