Three Ways to Make Your Store More Inviting at Night with LEDs

LEDs are quickly becoming the best lighting choice across multiple industries. The bulbs have a lot to offer, especially once the Internet of Things and smart devices get involved. But LEDs have also come under a lot of heat for increased light pollution: even though the individual bulbs might give users more directional control and lighting options, people are using LEDs more and more (and for longer into the night). Use these three modifications to make your store’s exterior more inviting and decrease the annoying light pollution:

1. Change your LEDs’ brightness to a warmer setting.

Daylight settings are perfect for your stores during the day. They replicate natural lighting, make displays more vivid, and make people more alert. A daylight level setting is even useful at night for spaces like hospitals and 24/7 security stations because they help reduce drowsiness. But your store doesn’t need that level of illumination at night. Switch the bulbs to a warmer setting for a yellower, softer light that doesn’t cause as much light pollution and which makes the store look cozier.

2. Add sensors to your lighting.

If your store has illuminated walkways or outside sitting areas, make sure the surrounding light fixtures are equipped with sensors. Then you can automatically power down the brightness at night or turn on lights only when the sun sets. You can also add motion-sensing technologies so portions of your store’s exterior are lighted only when someone needs it.

3. Make sure the lights are safer for nearby drivers and pedestrians.

LEDs are bright and give off multi-directional light. While this can be useful for lighting up a large space, it can be dangerous for drivers who have to deal with the glare. Use directional bulbs and barriers to keep the light pointing downward or at the right angle to provide illumination without piercing light.

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