Tips for Proper Parking Lot Lighting

Providing adequate parking is extremely important for any retail store, office building, or other commercial property. When you have a parking lot, it is also very important that it is properly illuminated. There are several tips that you should follow to ensure you provide visitors or tenants with proper lighting in the parking lot.

Adequate Lighting

The first step that you should follow when trying to provide lights to a parking lot is to ensure that there is adequate lighting. Having adequate lighting in a parking lot is important as it will make is much safer.

Not only does it need to have adequate light, but it needs to be evenly distributed throughout the lot.  Not having evenly distributed light can make it very hard to see and drive, which could lead to accidents.  Ideally, you should have automated lights that will turn on once it starts getting dark.  Having lighting that is evenly distributed will also make any onsite security cameras much more effective at picking up images in the lot.

Energy Efficiency

When you are looking to improve the lighting in your parking lot, you should also focus on a lighting solution that is energy efficient. Parking lot lights are frequently illuminated up to 13 hours per day. Because of this, it is very easy to quickly burn through standard light bulbs and run up expensive utility bills. A more affordable and environmentally friendly option would be to invest in LED bulbs that can cut your energy usage in half.