3 Reasons to Update Your University’s Exterior Lighting

Don’t let your university be dark at night. Dim, sporadic, and old lighting makes people feel unsafe. It also makes the grounds look uninviting. Here are three reasons why it’s time to start updating the exterior lights.

1. Dim lighting is a safety issue.

Poor lighting will never fully illuminate the outdoor portions of your campus. But if main walkways have stairs or ramps, that can pose a physical hazard to students and professors. Reflective paint and signs can only do so much. Instead, build a plan that illuminates the walkways and highlights turns, stairs, and changes in elevation. Good lighting also keeps your campus paths compliant with ADA requirements.

2. Deter criminal mischief with brighter lights.

Trips and falls aren’t the only dangers that better lighting can mitigate. College campuses need to be designed to protect students from the risk of attack or assault. LEDs and other bright lights provide illumination that makes people feel safer. It also makes potentially violent individuals less likely to break the law.

You can also design your campus’s new lighting plan to take advantage of specific light-based features. Make sure you have well-lit and functional emergency contact lamps throughout the entirety of the grounds. Blue lights also have a proven correlation with lowered crime.

3. Highlight your campus’s architecture.

Lights can protect and deter. But they can also make your campus look even more beautiful. Incorporate layers of exterior lighting so historical buildings and statues are illuminated. Dramatic accent lighting can draw attention to your university’s tallest and oldest buildings. Once you have a solid lighting system in place, your university can host more tours and draw bigger crowds to evening events.

Dim lighting doesn’t do your university justice. Relumination can help redesign and update your university’s lighting. Contact us here to start getting all the benefits of new lighting.