Increasing Property Value Through Landscape Lighting

Property value is measured beyond an actual dollar amount. The appeal of a property and its ability to create a draw of many people is of the utmost importance to any and all property owners. One very important way to increase this appeal is to highlight the best parts of the exterior of the property. How a property looks from the outside at night can make a huge difference. Here are some suggestions for getting the most from your landscape lighting design.

Show Off the Entrance

The entrance of a property is a huge selling point. Property owners want to make sure the front door is highlighted as a focal point. Making sure that it is well lit and features the doorway can give the property a real wow factor. Beyond the great presentation, a lit entryway is also less likely to be burglarized and therefore much more secure. 

Highlight Walkways

Walking paths leading to a door or around the side of a home or other property are also opportunities for additional lighting. There are a number of walkway lighting options to highlight this area specifically. It also adds a level of depth to the overall light concept, featuring all these extras in the landscape design. 

Showcase the Hedges

If you’re going to show off the hedges or other landscaped areas around the building itself, make sure that you keep them manicured and looking very good. Clean lines and attention to this area can be a real showcase for any property, so providing additional lighting is very important for adding value. 

As always, strategic planning with a landscape professional is the best way to optimize your budget and get the most value possible. Exterior lighting is a top priority for buyers, so having the right concept is important. Contact us to help you make this concept a priority, creating a buzz among buyers and ultimately getting a higher bid on the property.