The Importance of Photometrics

When it comes to the lighting you will use in your facility, the photometrics will be a pivotal asset. With these, you will know how the lighting in your facility is seen by the human eye. In other words, it means you will be able to use it to discern which lighting system to go with and the most efficient way to use it.

What is Photometry?

Photometry is the science of measuring light and how the human eye sees it. In basic terms, it is the measurement of how much we can see in a given space. Photometrics show you how intense the lighting is and how much it will allow you to see.

Photometrics are used primarily in relation to lighting technology, in things like photography, audiovisual, and architecture. They can be used to make the lighting of a facility or building much more efficient, saving money on electrical costs.

What will Photometrics Show?

They are engineered to show if a proposed plan will actually meet the lighting specifications of a project or design. They can also be used for an already existing facility to find better and more efficient ways of lighting the facility. You can see why photometrics can be so important to a business owner.

Saving on everyday costs like electric can really make a difference in the overhead costs for a business. Photometrics can help you make those changes you need to cut costs. Without using photometrics, you could be missing out on huge savings in your big picture.

To Wrap Up

As you can see, photometrics are a vital tool when it comes to designing a facility or trying to find some costs to cut. You can even use photometrics when you’re shopping for a new location. Photometrics are a vital tool for every business owner and shouldn’t be overlooked. Contact us today to learn more!

Time to Be “Smart” About Lighting Solutions

In the past several decades, the lighting industry has come a long way, going from incandescent and fluorescent lights to HIDs and LEDs. The 21st century has brought us a new approach to lighting – smart operation.

The power of smart lighting solutions is hard to underestimate. They allow you to save time, money, and effort while taking care of the environment.

IoT and Lighting

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of devices that collect data from integrated sensors. Then special software processes the data to offer automated solutions to the users.

What does all that have to do with lighting?

1. Smart Light Switches

These switches work as regular switches do, but you can also control them remotely. Meaning, you can turn lights off and on whenever you are not in the building by using an app on your smartphone. You can also set up a schedule according to which the lights will go on throughout the day.

Coupled with motion sensors, these light switches can turn on and off when someone enters or leaves a facility.

2. Smart Bulbs

A smart dimmable bulb can dim without you having to install a dimmer switch. You can control the dimming remotely through an app.

Some of these bulbs can also change color and even play music. We’ll tell you why this seemingly useless feature may be important for a commercial facility later in the article.

Why Should You Consider Smart Lighting Solutions?

Changing a light bulb seems easier and cheaper than investing in an IoT-enabled lighting source. However, with time, you can see an impressive ROI.

  • Heightened Security – the ability to manipulate lights remotely can help you ward unwanted guests off your property. This is when the music-playing feature can come in handy.
  • Lower energy bills – remote operation and scheduling options allow you to reduce energy bills tremendously. An LED energy-star certified smart bulb consumes up to 90% less energy than a regular light bulb.
  • Saved money  LED smart lights can work up to 50,000 hours while an average light bulb can’t last longer than 2,000 hours.
  • Impressive convenience – the ability to control when and how your lights work remotely is highly convenient. For example, you can reduce the chances of workplace accidents by regulating the bulb’s brightness at the right time.

Lighting systems are a perfect tool for reaping key benefits of the IoT progress. They are already integrated all over any facility, be it a warehouse or a department store. When fitted with the right equipment, they can collect the necessary information and offer numerous benefits.

Stay on Top of the Latest Technologies with Smart Lighting Solutions

Millions of property owners have made the first steps to making their buildings smart by installing smart lighting solutions. In a few years, the trend is likely to turn into a standard.

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Why is LED lighting more energy efficient?

What makes LEDs more energy efficient than other types of lighting? LED lighting uses a completely different physical process than previous lighting technologies, and this is what makes it more efficient.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs heat a piece of metal to a high temperature so that it glows white hot. Unfortunately, a lot of energy is lost as heat, as you can easily notice by putting your hand near an incandescent bulb.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs actually operate by two physical processes in sequence. The first of these happens by running an electric current through mercury vapor, which causes the mercury atoms to emit ultraviolet (UV) light. This light is not visible, so fluorescent lamps require another step, and this is where fluorescence comes in.

Fluorescence is the process where a material absorbs light of one color and emits light of another color. In the case of fluorescent lamps, a material coating the bulb absorbs the UV light and emits visible light. This process is more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs because there is no need to heat a material. However, because it is a two-step process where each step is not perfectly efficient, its efficiency is still limited.

Another issue with fluorescent bulbs is that the mercury they contain is hazardous, and has to be disposed of properly.


LED stands for light emitting diode. The diode is the physical object which emits light. This is a one-step process, which helps explain why LED bulbs are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs.

The material at the at the heart of an LED is a semiconductor. This material is able to directly absorb electric energy and emit light, which also helps keep efficiency high.

LEDs are not perfectly efficient. Their efficiency depends largely on the type of semiconductor material used. Scientists are constantly exploring new semiconductor materials to improve LEDs and provide better energy efficiency.

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Get Your Hospital Ready for the Future of LEDs Now

LEDs hit the lighting world by storm, and there are several good reasons for that. Not only are they energy-efficient and produce less heat, but they’re also customizable. Everything from dimness to color and direction can be programmed into LEDs. But while that makes LEDs a smart bet for new hospital constructions, it used to be another story for retrofits. Here are three reasons why your administration should make switching to LEDs a priority:

1. The current infrastructure will support future bulbs.

Early adoption of technology is always risky. Switching to the last data storage medium or buying the latest devices can be expensive or an investment in a fleeting trend. But LEDs are here to stay, and their current support systems are built to last. Whether you want to start retrofitting your hospital in sections or you want to overhaul the whole property, switching to LEDs is a safe bet.

2. Dimmable, programmable bulbs help people do their jobs.

LEDs in hospitals don’t just have the general benefits like in other commercial settings. They also have specific benefits for your employees and your patients. You can automatically program LEDs to duplicate daylight with bright white light so employees on the night shift are more alert. You can also add dimmable bulbs to waiting rooms and patient rooms. Even color-changing bulbs are being studied for their positive impacts on people’s healing rates.

3. Save on variable expenses.

Hospitals cost a lot of money to run. You have to keep the lights on 24/7, and even a single hospital room has a lot of specific lighting requirements. But LED bulbs will cut down on electrical costs. Because they have long lifespans, you also save on replacement bulbs, or diodes, over the years.

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Good LED Illumination is Essential for Safety in Multi-level Parking Garages

All parking garages must have good lighting for safety and security. LED lighting provides safe illumination that eliminates shadows and guides drivers through any parking structure. This is extremely important for parking and safely navigating the maze of lanes and stalls in multi-level parking garages.

Underground parking

Your parking garage may be a subterranean parking lot with multiple levels below one or more buildings. This type of garage may need excellent illumination 24/7, especially if it is part of a hospital complex. People park their vehicles in an area that does not receive daylight. They need sufficient light to read signs and find elevators, stairs, doors, and escalators that will carry them into the buildings. Drivers and passengers will also return to their vehicles that must be located easily.

LED illumination will provide the light necessary for all parking levels to help drivers find their way into and out of complex underground parking structures that have marked directional lanes. Drive lanes often appear to be narrow and drivers backing vehicles out of parking spaces must be able to see oncoming traffic. LED overhead or wall lights will help all drivers judge distances from other vehicles. The lights are designed to provide good illumination without a glare.

Structures above ground

Multi-level parking garages above ground can also be a labyrinth of lanes leading in and out of the structure. While these structures may receive some light during the day, they are often used at night. Lighting must be adequate for your clients, shoppers or residents to park and return to their vehicles.

Good lighting is a deterrent to vehicle break-ins and theft. Security cameras are usually placed in strategic areas of parking garages. Good LED illumination helps the cameras see and often record vehicle and pedestrian movements.

High-performance LED ceiling lights can be placed over parking stalls in all parking structures. Special LED light posts are often used for the uncovered rooftop parking space. LED lighting uses semiconductor technology that consumes less energy than standard fluorescent or incandescent lights. LED fixtures last much longer than conventional lights. This results in saving money on utilities and maintenance.

Contact us at Relumination to evaluate your specific needs for LED lighting in parking structures. We will design a lighting solution that will keep drivers and passengers safe and secure in your parking garage.

Why Do I Need Exterior Lighting for My Business?

Exterior lighting might not be something that all business owners consider when purchasing a new facility, warehouse, parking lot, or other outdoor areas for their company. What many do not know is that having outdoor areas with appropriate lighting can positively impact their business in numerous ways.

Exterior lighting has many benefits, so much so that many individuals even consider it to be a necessity. One large reason for this is safety. Customers are more likely to find a business approachable if it appears to be safe for them and/or their families. Lighting can provide that atmosphere of safety. Criminals are less likely to approach individuals or even attempt to break into a business when there is sufficient lighting in the outdoor areas.

Another benefit of exterior lighting is advertisement. As people are commuting home in the evenings after a long day at work or traveling to and from their children’s after-school activities, they are more likely to notice a business if it is well-lit at night. Signs, billboards, and the building itself naturally draw attention when they have the appropriate amount of lighting. Travelers taking notice of the business itself are more likely to make a visit later.

An additional perk of having outdoor lighting for a business is making the conduction of business a more simple process. Whether it be in the early mornings, dusk, or at night, having proper lighting in the parking lot and around the buildings of one’s business makes deliveries, opening and closing of the business, and loading for customers a much simpler process. This not only makes customers feel invited but also makes them more likely to desire to return in the future and recommending the business to their friends and family members.

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8 Ways in Which LED Lighting Is All Around You

LEDs may be new on the scene but they are already being used a great deal. Many people are currently getting LED lighting upgrades because, as compared to fluorescents, LEDs have a longer life. Plus, they are more energy efficient and emit a cooler light.

You may think that LED lighting is only useful in isolated instances. However, LEDs are often used as indicators i.e., to pass on some kind of message to people. Here are some indicators that we are all familiar with:

  1. Traffic Lights: LED lights are used as traffic lights.
  2. Train Stations and Airports: LEDs are also used on boards that give arrivals and departure information in train stations and airports.
  3. Stadiums: In stadiums as well, LED lights are used on the boards which keep score.
  4. Exit Signs: These are usually made with LED lights.
  5. Ships: Ship navigation lights also make use of LEDs.
  6. Night Vision: LEDs are used when it’s necessary to maintain night vision e.g., airplane cockpits, astronomy observatories etc.
  7. Cars: LED lights have very fast switching times. So they are often used as brake lights in cars. As compared to incandescents, LEDs can light up 0.5 seconds faster. This may not seem like much but it can make all the difference to the car behind you. Similarly, LEDs are also being used for rear lights and headlights in cars and other vehicles.
  8. Glowsticks: LEDs are often used in glowsticks. Although a glowstick is sometimes used as a toy, it can also be used in military, police or fire operations.

So commercial LED lighting may seem like it’s just gaining ground but if you look at the above list, you’ll see that there are many commercial uses of LEDs that we are already familiar with. After all, we’ve all seen traffic lights or been to a baseball game. As a result, we may not know it but we’ve all benefited from the various uses of LED lights.

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LED Lighting Solutions for Cold Storage Facilities and Warehouses

It’s no secret that an LED light bulb will last longer than a comparable fluorescent light bulb. Besides that, LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, meaning lower electricity bills. Nevertheless, many cold storage facilities and other warehouses still use fluorescent lighting systems. The problem is that many believe an LED lighting system will have high upfront costs. The good news is that LED lighting costs have dropped significantly over the years. It’s indisputably worth it for cold storage facilities and warehouses to make the switch to LED lighting.

There is a reason that the meat drawer of every refrigerator is on the bottom shelf. It’s because the top shelf is the warmest place in the refrigerator. This is not only because heat rises, but also because that’s usually where the light bulb is. Traditional light bulbs, including fluorescent bulbs, emit excessive heat. Using this type of lighting system limits the safety and dependability of a cold storage facility. LED light bulbs emit far less heat than traditional and fluorescent light bulbs. That’s why LED lighting systems can be found in state of the art cold storage facilities around the world. Additionally, using an LED lighting system will let the air conditioning system relax a bit, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Not only do LED light bulbs last longer, they require less maintenance. LED light bulbs are known for their durability. They have the capability to last for decades without a hiccup. Additionally, modern systems are set up to be controlled and monitored from afar. At large facilities, there are many variables to worry about. For example, machines require maintenance and electronics require troubleshooting. Having an LED lighting system means having one less thing to worry about.

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Make Shopping at Your Grocery a Better Experience with These Lighting Changes

The fight between physical stores and online vendors will continue for years. Even clothing and groceries industries have faced an increase in online competition as increasingly personalized shopping experiences emerged. Quick shipping has allowed for fresh food deliveries (both for general groceries and pre-packed ingredients for specific meals) and clothing orders that let consumers wear the outfits and return what they don’t like. But that doesn’t mean your grocery store is going to be going out of business. Physical stores still control a hefty portion of the market, and that will continue to stabilize as shoppers look for shopping experience instead of just efficient purchasing.

Make sure your grocery store offers a good experience. Lighting plays a large part of how shoppers feel in your store, so improve your lighting with these three changes:

Have warm, low lighting where shoppers can congregate.

In-store coffee shops have been a growing trend for years, and grocery stores can expand on this with in-store delis and eateries. These sections give your customers a place to relax before or after shopping, and that turns even running errands into a good experience. Make the spaces feel warm and homey with warm lighting. Also, light the tables with individual fixtures under general lighting so the space doesn’t feel industrial.

Use accent lighting to emphasize free samples.

If you’re going to compete against online stores, you have to emphasize what they can’t offer customers: a sensory experience. Add free samples near your bakery and deli so customers can taste and smell featured products. Accent lighting helps draw customers in and directs traffic so they feel more implicitly invited to try the samples.

Use daylight bulbs to replicate sunlight near organic and fresh foods.

Locally sourced foods aren’t just demanded by a small subset of foodies. Even general consumers are increasing demand for locally grown products and ethical foods. If your store doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting, you can use LEDs with daylight-level lumens to light up organic and fresh food sections. It lights up the food without exposing it to extra heat, and the look of natural lighting underlines the message of natural foods, resulting in better sales.

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4 Reasons Why Exterior Lighting is Beneficial

You may be wondering if investing in exterior lighting for your business or organization is the right decision. We at Relumination are dedicated to helping you make an educated choice. To aid in the decision-making process, we have developed a short list of 4 reasons why exterior lighting is beneficial for businesses and organizations.

1. Security

While you might have a top-notch security system or other means of securing your facility, exterior lighting offers extra protection against intruders. Having exterior lighting around your structure can stop criminals in their tracks before they even consider entering your facility’s grounds.

2. Safety

Owning and operating your own business or organization can often mean long hours and late nights. Having exterior lights around your property means added safety for you and your employees/volunteers as you lock up and walk to your cars after dark (and even in the early morning hours).

3. Practicality 

Not only does outdoor lighting provide more safety and security, it also provides ease for you as you maneuver the grounds. Whether you are locking or unlocking doors and gates or just loading things into and out of vehicles before the sun has risen or after it has set, exterior lighting helps make these processes easier as you do not have to fumble around with keys and search for things in the dark.

4. Advertisement 

As people are driving home from work or social events in the later hours, what better way for them to see your business or organization’s name than to have a spotlight on it? While lights deter burglars and vandals, they also draw the right kind of attention and put it where it needs to be, and that is on your sign(s) and services offered. This adds advertisement (in addition to security) for your business.

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