Best Practices for Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality lighting is meant to create a warm and inviting environment for your guests to enjoy, whether they are on a work trip or on vacation with family. You want your space to feel effortlessly designed, even after hours of planning the layout. In addition to overall lighting design, hotel and restaurant managers must also consider the costs and energy usage and how best to reduce their consumption.

Why Upgrade Hotel Lighting?

When considering upgrading the lighting in your hotel or restaurant, there are several factors that will influence the direction you choose to go.

  • Aesthetics: You can create a beautiful space through decorative sconces, cascading chandeliers, and impressive lamps.
  • Safety: Ensure your spaces are properly lit and include safety signs to direct guests where to go in case of an emergency.
  • Energy Savings: Use lower energy LED bulbs to save on energy costs and replace your bulbs less often.

Areas to Upgrade

The Lobby and Bar

In spaces like the lobby and bar, it is important to ensure both comfort and sense of safety in the space. You can accomplish this with the use of LED lights to create well lit spaces, then add light layering or unique pieces to add visual interest.


Throughout your hotel, you will have numerous hallways guests will be roaming in order to find their rooms. It is your job to ensure the way it lit sufficiently so no one is struggling along the way. Consider installing attractive energy-efficient fixtures throughout your hallways that are lit 24/7.

Guest Rooms

Depending on the theme of your hotel, you may find you want to include lighting to evoke a certain mood in your guest rooms. Take special attention to the lighting layout of the room and give your guests the opportunity to control the ambience to a certain extent.

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How to Keep the Lights on in Your Hotel

In today’s economy, hotels and motels are a thriving market and the demand for these will continue to grow as time moves on. We find them convenient for business, leisure, and sadly even in the occasional emergency. Either way, hotel and motel owners gain a lot of guests in any given week. A huge factor in keeping the lights on literally has to do with lighting! More business is always desired as a hotel or motel owner, but also comes along with high energy costs due to lighting. Energy efficient lighting is also an attribute for safety and most importantly, it can bring back guests.

According to Energy Star, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that the top use of hotel’s energy is used for lighting. No matter what the size of the establishment may be, there will always be a need for various types of lighting. With that said, why not choose the most energy efficient type possible to reduce the bill? Most businesses nowadays have chosen to use energy efficient lights and can benefit from them.

In addition to cost efficiency, let’s discuss safety. As an owner, safety is a top priority for running a business let alone a lodging establishment. Obviously, there’s the importance of having great lighting in order for your guests to be able to get around their rooms. Nobody will want to struggle to look for a simple lamp or light switch. Also, your guest’s safety is not at risk when using energy efficient lights. They are entirely environment-friendly which means they’ll be safe for your guests.

Above all, you want your guests to want to come back. Guests, in general, feel comfortable with plenty of lighting available to them in their rooms. This makes the rooms more inviting and is a valuable factor that your guests will certainly remember.

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Hotel Lighting: Save On Operational Costs And Create An Enjoyable Experience

Managing a hotel brings its own set of challenges. It is not an easy job to keep your guests happy while trying to keep your employees motivated to perform at a high level on a daily basis. Even if you do have success, you will still need to effectively monitor all of your operation costs so you can keep both sides happy.

However, while you are monitoring you operating costs, you should not have to lower your operating costs at the expense of the quality of services you provide. When hotel guests visit your hotel, they expect to be comfortable and they expect to be treated well by your entire staff. When you are considering making important decisions regarding operational costs, you should always consider how the changes will impact the type of comfort you can offer your hotel guests.

Although every hotel operates differently, every hotel owner or hotel manager wants to retain the loyalty of their current customers. They also want to be able to attract new customers. One of the best ways to increase comfort in your hotel is to take advantage of the LED lighting technology. The LED lighting technology has given every industry, especially the hotel industry the opportunity to operate at a greater efficiency.

LED lighting requires less energy, repairs, and maintenance. As a hotel owner, manager, or operator, you will have the ability to take control of the type of lighting you want to offer, while saving money at the same time. You will have the ability to create the perfect ambiance in the hotel rooms, the lobbies, the bars, lounges, breakfast room, etc. Your hotel guests will not just see your hotel as a place to stay, they will begin to see your hotel as an entire experience that will allow them to sleep, eat, drink, and have an incredible time.

Tips to Create the Perfect Hotel Lighting

When your guests book a room, you want them to feel comfortable. While comfortable beds, big-screen TVs and nice artwork all provide touches of luxury, you should always pay attention to the room’s lighting.

Make Hotel Lighting Adjustable

Your guests need to function in your hotel room much the way they would at home. Your hotel lighting needs to be bright enough for them to feel comfortable working, reading, or getting ready in the morning. Bright light can easily feel cold and impersonal, so you’ll want to keep the design flexible. Task lighting and accent sconces provide enough light without washing the colors out of the room. A central overhead light by the door and accent lighting near the bed will give your guests the opportunity to adjust the lighting to their needs.

Use Long-Lasting Bulbs

LED bulbs are one of the most sustainable lighting options available. Most bulbs last an average of 50,000 hours, so you’ll spend less time and money replacing burned out bulbs in every hotel room. Furthermore, LEDs are available in a variety of colors, from soft yellow light to bright white. No matter what type of ambience you want to create, there’s a perfect LED bulb for your hotel lighting.

Keep It Simple

Your guests want to operate the lighting in their room with minimal difficulty. This means that you should place light switches and fixtures where they make sense. An overhead light in the entryway with a switch by the door will let your guests instantly see into their room. Reading lamps or sconces with switches located within easy reach from the bed will make relaxing at night much easier.

When creating a design for your hotel lighting, consider what your guests want and what each room needs.

Hotel Lighting: 3 Lighting Tips For Your Lobby

A hotel is meant to be a home away from home for business travelers, families who are enjoying their vacation, or any other individual or group of people in need of a warm bed. There are many nuanced details to consider when crafting a warm, inviting accommodation for your guests and lighting is definitely a top priority. If you are looking for extra ways to make your hotel lobby more welcoming, check out these three hotel lighting tips.

  1. Choose Lighting That is Intrinsically Friendly: Since you are creating a setting that is a home away from home for your lodgers, you want your lighting to be many things, particularly friendly. Don’t go for harsh lighting in your lobby or anywhere else in the hotel. Strive for lighting that offers soft warmth and familiarity.
  2. Avoid Florescent Lighting Like The Plague: Florescent lighting is to be reserved for sterile, bland environments like dreary offices or school hallways, not a hotel lobby. Though it might seem like the most efficient, simplistic thing to do for your hotel lobby lighting, it could seriously leave your visitors with a sour impression. Many people dislike the harshness and coldness of florescent lighting and even complain of headaches. Additionally, florescent lighting does not nicely accent the decor and furniture in your hotel lobby the way warm lighting does.
  3. Strive For Elegance And Uniqueness: You want warm lighting, but you also want lighting that stands out and impresses your visitors. Give them something to remember. Go for lighting that doesn’t just offer light but is truly artistic in its form. You want the lighting to be representative of the feel of the entire hotel.

Design Considerations in Hotel Lighting

Many elements contribute to the success of a hotel, and hotel lighting is one that can make a huge impact in how customers perceive a hotel. Attractive fixtures enhance a room’s appearance, and bright lighting can project a cheery ambience, while dim lighting can lend a mysterious air to the establishment. At the same time, lighting must meet the needs of the hotel guests.

Whether the hotel guest is in town for business or leisure, the room should contain a variety of lights for different tasks, moods and times of day. There should be overhead lights as well as bedside and desk lamps. Bathroom lights should be bright enough to allow guests to easily perform the tasks required in getting ready for the day. A floor lamp near an easy chair provides good light for reading.

Dimmer switches help satisfy guests with different brightness needs. One room may house a businesswoman who requires ample lighting as she works late into the night on a big presentation scheduled for the next day, while the room adjacent holds a vacationing couple who desire dim, romantic lighting. Dimmer switches allow the guests to adjust the brightness to their liking.

The fixture style helps establish the ambience of the hotel, both in public areas and guest rooms. The style of the fixture should fit well within the overall decorating style of the room and coordinate with other design elements. Take shape and material into account when selecting fixtures for a particular room. For example, a modern, geometric, stainless steel fixture will look out of place in a room decorated with a traditional brick fireplace and claw foot arm chairs.

3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Hotel Lighting

When choosing a hotel for the night, or weekend, most customers don’t give much thought to the hotel lighting, but it does play a huge role in the atmosphere of your hotel. There are many benefits of upgrading your hotel lighting. Below we will discuss the top three.

3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Lighting

1. Improved customer experience: we have all been there, you walk into a business and the lighting is dull. This dullness makes everything look dingy, and old-looking. The last thing you want as a hotel owner is to give a dingy, old-looking impression of your hotel to a new guest. New lighting changes everything. Your customers will have a better experience if they can walk through the door to a hotel that looks amazing, and new lighting can do that.

2. Save money: your power bill can continuously go up year after year because of old lighting. The older your lighting is, the harder they have to work to light your building. Replacing the lighting in your hotel can save you hundreds of dollars a year on power bills.

3. Going green: when it comes to lighting, you can make a huge impact on the environment by upgrading. New lighting uses less energy, making a great impact on the environment and your power bill.

Finally, the above referenced benefits are just three of the reasons you should upgrade your lighting. There are many more. When you can please your customers, save money, and help the environment, you are doing something right.

Save Money and Score Loyal Business with LED Hotel Lighting

While businesses with normal hours are able to enjoy many hours where lighting is not used, hotels are quite different because they require sufficient lighting at all times. Since there is such an emphasis on lighting, it makes sense for hotels to plan a considerable amount to provide the best lighting possible.

In order to get the best hotel lighting, you should be looking to save money while also impressing guests to the point where they come back in the future for additional stays.

Make Guests Feel Comfortable

From guest rooms to breakfast areas, you need to make your guests feel comfortable with lighting. It is not hardwood floors or high quality pictures on the wall that will accomplish this, it is simple and effective lighting placement that allows guests to do what they want to do without a problem.

Focus on Walkway Lighting

After making guests feel comfortable, you cannot forego the importance of walkway lighting that makes everyone feel safe when they are walking through hallways of the hotel building. It is having a seamless check-in experience that can create loyal customers out of first-timers.

Help Guests Feel Safe Outside

When people first arrive to your hotel, you must make them feel welcome from the get-go. If you have a designated area for future guests to park their vehicle, you need to provide enough lighting for them to get their documents out of their vehicle without having to fumble around. It is also important to make all guests feel safe when they are heading to the parking lot, pool, or their guestroom.

LED Lighting is the Way to Go

With so much lighting that is required to keep a hotel running, you really need to invest in the most efficient lighting type possible, which is LED lighting. It is a long-lasting and inexpensive option for lighting, and making the switch will provide you with years of significant savings.

How LED Hotel Lighting Can Provide a Better Experience to Your Customers

Many businesses rely on repeat customers to succeed and grow as a business, and this is really no different with hotels. It is important to make an excellent impression on first-time customers, not only in the hopes of them staying again in the future, but also for the recommendations that you might receive. Fortunately, there are many ways you can work to accomplish this goal, and one of them is with LED hotel lighting.

Make Customers Feel Safer

It is not worth it to skimp on the necessities of a high-quality hotel. For instance, you should make sure hotel lighting is a top priority, and this is because proper lighting makes just about everything better. Poorly lit areas can make your customers feel unsafe, especially at nighttime, so prevent this by getting sufficient lighting throughout the entire property, ranging from the parking lot to the hallways.

Improve Safety in Parking Lots

When people are not able to see that well in parking lots, there is a higher chance of them getting into an accident, whether it means colliding into another moving vehicle, running into a parked vehicle, or hitting a piece of hotel property. Not having to deal with these problems is much better, and you can use LED lighting to provide your customers or potential customers with plenty of lighting to get around safely.

Provide a More Enjoyable Experience

Individual hotel rooms, hallways, ice rooms, snack rooms, breakfast areas, public restrooms, and lobbies should not experience problems in regard to lighting, especially because you want to provide your customers with the most enjoyable experience possible. In order to do this, you must understand the importance of high quality and sufficient lighting in these areas. Your customers should walk down the hallways of your hotel with a smile on their face and fill their ice bucket without sight being an issue.