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Save Money and Score Loyal Business with LED Hotel Lighting

While businesses with normal hours are able to enjoy many hours where lighting is not used, hotels are quite different because they require sufficient lighting at all times. Since there is such an emphasis on lighting, it makes sense for hotels to plan a considerable amount to provide the best lighting possible.

In order to get the best hotel lighting, you should be looking to save money while also impressing guests to the point where they come back in the future for additional stays.

Make Guests Feel Comfortable

From guest rooms to breakfast areas, you need to make your guests feel comfortable with lighting. It is not hardwood floors or high quality pictures on the wall that will accomplish this, it is simple and effective lighting placement that allows guests to do what they want to do without a problem.

Focus on Walkway Lighting

After making guests feel comfortable, you cannot forego the importance of walkway lighting that makes everyone feel safe when they are walking through hallways of the hotel building. It is having a seamless check-in experience that can create loyal customers out of first-timers.

Help Guests Feel Safe Outside

When people first arrive to your hotel, you must make them feel welcome from the get-go. If you have a designated area for future guests to park their vehicle, you need to provide enough lighting for them to get their documents out of their vehicle without having to fumble around. It is also important to make all guests feel safe when they are heading to the parking lot, pool, or their guestroom.

LED Lighting is the Way to Go

With so much lighting that is required to keep a hotel running, you really need to invest in the most efficient lighting type possible, which is LED lighting. It is a long-lasting and inexpensive option for lighting, and making the switch will provide you with years of significant savings.