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4 Hotel Lighting Trends to Look Out For

Part of what makes a great hotel experience is the lighting. The lighting of a hotel affects the entire visitor experience. Here are some hotel lighting trends to consider implementing in your hotel.

Layered Lighting

Instead of lighting an entire room with one uniform light, which can be bland, consider using layered lighting. Different parts of the room may require different levels of brightness. Layered lighting will allow you to highlight certain aspects of a room’s design and architectural features. In addition, you can provide additional lighting to specific areas so that certain tasks, such as reading, can be carried out with ease.

Meeting Rooms

Many hotels are now providing rooms for businesspeople to gather in and hold mobile meetings. These rooms require the right kind of lighting that will allow people to use their laptops, smartphones and notepads. If video presentations are shown in the room, either on screen or via a projector, make sure the room has the right kind of lighting that will allow everyone in the room to see clearly from any angle.

Smart Lighting

Being able to control the electricity through a wireless connection is another popular trend. This will let you manage your lighting more efficiently. It will also help you save money.

Energy Efficient Lighting

The most popular trend by far is to use energy efficient lighting. It will save you money on your electric bill while keeping your hotel illuminated. It will also help preserve the environment.