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Hotel Lighting: 3 Lighting Tips For Your Lobby

A hotel is meant to be a home away from home for business travelers, families who are enjoying their vacation, or any other individual or group of people in need of a warm bed. There are many nuanced details to consider when crafting a warm, inviting accommodation for your guests and lighting is definitely a top priority. If you are looking for extra ways to make your hotel lobby more welcoming, check out these three hotel lighting tips.

  1. Choose Lighting That is Intrinsically Friendly: Since you are creating a setting that is a home away from home for your lodgers, you want your lighting to be many things, particularly friendly. Don’t go for harsh lighting in your lobby or anywhere else in the hotel. Strive for lighting that offers soft warmth and familiarity.
  2. Avoid Florescent Lighting Like The Plague: Florescent lighting is to be reserved for sterile, bland environments like dreary offices or school hallways, not a hotel lobby. Though it might seem like the most efficient, simplistic thing to do for your hotel lobby lighting, it could seriously leave your visitors with a sour impression. Many people dislike the harshness and coldness of florescent lighting and even complain of headaches. Additionally, florescent lighting does not nicely accent the decor and furniture in your hotel lobby the way warm lighting does.
  3. Strive For Elegance And Uniqueness: You want warm lighting, but you also want lighting that stands out and impresses your visitors. Give them something to remember. Go for lighting that doesn’t just offer light but is truly artistic in its form. You want the lighting to be representative of the feel of the entire hotel.