5 Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is an important practice in today’s society, when more and more animal species are becoming endangered, the oceans are filled with litter, just like much of our land. Businesses can be a pivotal force for good in the world by using recycling bins.

Have one recycle bin for paper, one for plastic, one for aluminum, and one for glass. These recycle bins should be available for customers and employees. Ideally, recycling bins are the only option and there is no option for trash. You will really make a positive difference in the world if you make the decision to recycle.

1. Money

Financial income is a benefit of recycling. For individuals who recycle electronics, they can earn a significant profit from doing so. For companies who recycle, the expenses towards waste disposal will be significantly decreased. It is actually more affordable to recycle than it is to use only trash cans.

2. Conservation 

Recycling conserves limited resources. Recycling paper will save a huge amount of trees. For instance, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, approximately 8.2 million trees were saved simply by recycling paper.

3. Energy Efficiency 

Recycling is energy-efficient. Take aluminum cans, for example. You can make twenty aluminum cans from recycled material with the same amount of energy it takes to make one brand-new aluminum can, according to http://www.pacebutler.com/blog/what-is-recycling-7-reasons-why-we-should/.

4. Community 

Recycling brings people together. A growing amount of the population is concerned about the environment and wants to be involved in creating positive change. There are a lot of groups geared towards recycling, where like-minded people come together to do just that. Businesses could have a huge impact on their customers through recycling practices and programs.

5. Job Creation 

Recycling creates more jobs than garbage does. Here are some statistics: 10,000 tons of waste creates one job, 10,000 tons of landfill creates six jobs, and 10,000 tons of recycling creates 36 jobs. To learn more, check out this fantastic article: http://www.pacebutler.com/blog/what-is-recycling-7-reasons-why-we-should/

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The Importance of Photometrics

When it comes to the lighting you will use in your facility, the photometrics will be a pivotal asset. With these, you will know how the lighting in your facility is seen by the human eye. In other words, it means you will be able to use it to discern which lighting system to go with and the most efficient way to use it.

What is Photometry?

Photometry is the science of measuring light and how the human eye sees it. In basic terms, it is the measurement of how much we can see in a given space. Photometrics show you how intense the lighting is and how much it will allow you to see.

Photometrics are used primarily in relation to lighting technology, in things like photography, audiovisual, and architecture. They can be used to make the lighting of a facility or building much more efficient, saving money on electrical costs.

What will Photometrics Show?

They are engineered to show if a proposed plan will actually meet the lighting specifications of a project or design. They can also be used for an already existing facility to find better and more efficient ways of lighting the facility. You can see why photometrics can be so important to a business owner.

Saving on everyday costs like electric can really make a difference in the overhead costs for a business. Photometrics can help you make those changes you need to cut costs. Without using photometrics, you could be missing out on huge savings in your big picture.

To Wrap Up

As you can see, photometrics are a vital tool when it comes to designing a facility or trying to find some costs to cut. You can even use photometrics when you’re shopping for a new location. Photometrics are a vital tool for every business owner and shouldn’t be overlooked. Contact us today to learn more!

Time to Be “Smart” About Lighting Solutions

In the past several decades, the lighting industry has come a long way, going from incandescent and fluorescent lights to HIDs and LEDs. The 21st century has brought us a new approach to lighting – smart operation.

The power of smart lighting solutions is hard to underestimate. They allow you to save time, money, and effort while taking care of the environment.

IoT and Lighting

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of devices that collect data from integrated sensors. Then special software processes the data to offer automated solutions to the users.

What does all that have to do with lighting?

1. Smart Light Switches

These switches work as regular switches do, but you can also control them remotely. Meaning, you can turn lights off and on whenever you are not in the building by using an app on your smartphone. You can also set up a schedule according to which the lights will go on throughout the day.

Coupled with motion sensors, these light switches can turn on and off when someone enters or leaves a facility.

2. Smart Bulbs

A smart dimmable bulb can dim without you having to install a dimmer switch. You can control the dimming remotely through an app.

Some of these bulbs can also change color and even play music. We’ll tell you why this seemingly useless feature may be important for a commercial facility later in the article.

Why Should You Consider Smart Lighting Solutions?

Changing a light bulb seems easier and cheaper than investing in an IoT-enabled lighting source. However, with time, you can see an impressive ROI.

  • Heightened Security – the ability to manipulate lights remotely can help you ward unwanted guests off your property. This is when the music-playing feature can come in handy.
  • Lower energy bills – remote operation and scheduling options allow you to reduce energy bills tremendously. An LED energy-star certified smart bulb consumes up to 90% less energy than a regular light bulb.
  • Saved money  LED smart lights can work up to 50,000 hours while an average light bulb can’t last longer than 2,000 hours.
  • Impressive convenience – the ability to control when and how your lights work remotely is highly convenient. For example, you can reduce the chances of workplace accidents by regulating the bulb’s brightness at the right time.

Lighting systems are a perfect tool for reaping key benefits of the IoT progress. They are already integrated all over any facility, be it a warehouse or a department store. When fitted with the right equipment, they can collect the necessary information and offer numerous benefits.

Stay on Top of the Latest Technologies with Smart Lighting Solutions

Millions of property owners have made the first steps to making their buildings smart by installing smart lighting solutions. In a few years, the trend is likely to turn into a standard.

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Interior Lighting Which Saves Money and Increases the Productivity of Your Employees

If you’re a small business owner, you want to take advantage of any possible way to improve productivity and increase your bottom line. Every little bit makes a difference. And sometimes, small changes can have a dramatic effect. You may not expect that something small, such as switching to LED lighting would make that much difference to your business. But it does.

Saving Money with LED Lighting

To begin with, you can save quite a bit of energy in the long run by investing in LED lights from the get-go. The average lifespan of an LED light is 50,000 hours. So even if you use the LED light continuously, you won’t have to change it for at least six years.

Imagine how many regular light bulbs you would go through in that time. And you’ll get an idea of how much money you’re going to save. Sure, you might have to spend a little more in the moment but if you’re the type of business owner who looks five or ten years into the future, then you’ll see that LED is the best choice.

Increasing Productivity with LED Lighting

The other advantage of LED lighting is that it’s softer and more like regular daylight. When you work with regular incandescent or fluorescent lights, everything seems just a little bit harsh. And most regular workplaces don’t have large windows letting in the sunlight, no matter how pleasant this might be for employees. So you have to light everything electrically if your employees are going to get any work done.

Using LEDs instead of incandescent or fluorescents will just be (literally!) a lot easier on the eyes for your employees. As it is, they’re probably staring at computer and phone screens all day long, which hurts the eyes. The least you can do is arrange it so that the lighting in your offices is conducive to well-being and, eventually, productivity. Because an employee who is feeling comfortable and happy is likely to work for longer and put in his or her 100%. And this is eventually to your benefit as a business owner.

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The Many Benefits of a Commercial Lighting Retrofit

The many ways that retrofitting your existing commercial lighting can be beneficial can also be surprising. When most people think of retrofitting their existing lighting they think of merely the energy savings that they will save. While this benefit is real and quite often saves enough money on electricity to pay for the cost of the retrofit, there are many additional benefits as well.

Safety is one of the benefits that is hard to quantify but can more than make up for the cost of the lighting upgrade. Dim, blinking, or dirty light bulbs and fixtures can create a safety hazard by hiding trip hazards, objects sitting or protruding into walkways or wet slippery floors. The better the lighting the less likely that a trip or fall accident will happen. The cost of a workers comp claim or the cost of a lawsuit from a customer will greatly outweigh the costs of upgrading your lighting. This problem can be compounded if equipment, shelving, or decorating has been changed significantly since the lighting was originally installed. Light fixtures may be blocked by equipment that wasn’t originally there when the lighting was installed, making most of the light they produce be blocked off from illuminating the areas needed.

Additionally, better lighting can improve the atmosphere in a room. A well-lit room will contribute to happier and more productive employees in addition to contributing to a better customer experience. It’s hard to put a dollar figure to this benefit but it’s clear that this benefit is real. A dim workspace becomes miserable to work in, and nobody wants to patronize an establishment that feels like it’s trying to hide something in the shadows.

One often overlooked benefit is the decrease in hassle that you gain when retrofitting your lighting. Besides the energy savings that newer bulbs provide, they also provide longer life, which equals less changing out of bulbs. Although the act of changing out a bulb seems simple enough, compound that with all of the bulbs in a large facility or building and that task can quickly become a job. Longer lasting bulbs such as LED’s practically eliminate this hassle. No more rushing to replace a bulb that went out in an area that needs to be very bright. No need to bring in equipment routinely to change out hard to reach bulbs. No more changing out working bulbs because the other ones in the area went out and you don’t want to bring in the lift next week to replace it. No more hunting down bulbs that are no longer carried by many suppliers or that are obsolete.

Bottom line, retrofitting your commercial lighting saves you money in the long run, improves your safety, improves the quality of life for your employees and customers, and simplifies a recurring problem. It’s hard to argue with that. If you are considering a commercial lighting retrofit contact us here at Relumination to see how we can help.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures?

As an owner of a property, improving the safety and security of your tenants, clients, guests is likely one of your top priorities. Another top priority of yours should also be saving energy. When energy savings and lighting become the topic of a conversation, people usually discuss switching from the fluorescent light bulbs to LED lighting.

LEDs have a greater energy efficiency, they have a longer period of life, and they will provide outstanding illumination for your parking garage. If you are already using LED lighting in your building, you are probably wondering how you can get the most out of LED lighting for your parking garage.

Building owners will spend billions of dollars on their parking garage lighting and other fixtures. Your parking garage and other areas of your property are operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is not surprising that the costs are so high when you factor in all the expenses and the countless usage hours. When you take the time to upgrade your traditional parking garage lighting fixtures to the improved LED lighting fixtures, you will see major improvements in regards to security, safety, and your finances.

Safety Is Always Important

LED lighting will provide you with incredible illumination throughout your entire parking garage. When the color rendering is improved, you will be able to better assist people who are walking to and from their vehicles. You will also make pedestrians feel more comfortable because they can see what is taking place in the parking garage. The improved lighting will also provide better results when you need to view your video cameras and security systems.


LED lighting will provide you with the energy reduction you need to improve your financial savings. You will see a 3/4 reduction in the amount of energy that is consumed on a daily basis. This means you will be able to save over 60 percent in lighting costs. Your LED lights will not consume as much energy as the fluorescent bulbs you are currently using. LEDs can also last for many years without needing to be replaced.

You may think upgrading your parking garage lighting will cost you a significant amount of money, but that will not be the case when you make LED upgrades. Contact us today for more information.

Top Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the newer forms of illumination to hit the mainstream. Most people know that these bulbs need less power to operate, but this is really just the start of how they save energy. They actually conserve power and help both the environment and your company’s wallet at many points after leaving the factory. Here are a couple of the top ones:

They Last Longer Than Most Alternatives

This has the obvious benefit of saving you from having to have them replaced as often, but it also has ecological benefits. Less-frequent replacement means that fewer new bulbs have to be made, so fewer resources are used over time. There is also less air pollution produced because fewer bulbs need to be trucked from manufacturing plants to sellers, fewer raw materials have to be obtained and sent to plants, and more.

They Can be Safer

Many LED bulbs are made with plastic diffusers to get the “soft white” appearance and hide the individual LED lights that make them up. Plastic covers don’t shatter if dropped, so liability brought on by missed broken glass shards is a thing of the past. These bulbs also don’t overheat and blow up like some incandescent ones used to.

LED lights are also safer because they don’t generate a lot of heat. It was easily possible to get burned by touching a running incandescent bulb, but you can put your hand on most LED bulbs with only a minimum of discomfort. This doesn’t just minimize the chance of personal injury at displays with low lights. It also reduces the risk of fire. The reduction in fire risk is important in commercial settings where the bulbs may be positioned in places where they can’t easily be reached.

These are just some of the reasons you should give your business an LED lighting upgrade. To learn more, just contact us.

Relumination to Upgrade LED Lighting in Tucson Poly Print Facility

poly_printRelumination has been selected by Poly Print for a project that will upgrade their indoor and outdoor lighting in their state-of-the-art 24/7 Tucson, Arizona printing facility. These changes will result in an estimated savings of 335,000 kWh of electricity with a project payback of 2.4 years.

This project will  transition the entire site to energy-efficient lighting. This will include new LED exterior lights, upgraded office lighting and intelligent LED lighting in warehouse and production areas. These changes will not only enhance the workplace but will also save the company money while reducing wasted energy.

In addition, our energy efficient lighting requires much less maintenance and replacement than the existing lighting which results in even greater savings. By implementing intelligent lighting, Poly Print will use energy only when necessary. This is also valuable for employee safety as well.