Get Your Hospital Ready for the Future of LEDs Now

LEDs hit the lighting world by storm, and there are several good reasons for that. Not only are they energy-efficient and produce less heat, but they’re also customizable. Everything from dimness to color and direction can be programmed into LEDs. But while that makes LEDs a smart bet for new hospital constructions, it used to be another story for retrofits. Here are three reasons why your administration should make switching to LEDs a priority:

1. The current infrastructure will support future bulbs.

Early adoption of technology is always risky. Switching to the last data storage medium or buying the latest devices can be expensive or an investment in a fleeting trend. But LEDs are here to stay, and their current support systems are built to last. Whether you want to start retrofitting your hospital in sections or you want to overhaul the whole property, switching to LEDs is a safe bet.

2. Dimmable, programmable bulbs help people do their jobs.

LEDs in hospitals don’t just have the general benefits like in other commercial settings. They also have specific benefits for your employees and your patients. You can automatically program LEDs to duplicate daylight with bright white light so employees on the night shift are more alert. You can also add dimmable bulbs to waiting rooms and patient rooms. Even color-changing bulbs are being studied for their positive impacts on people’s healing rates.

3. Save on variable expenses.

Hospitals cost a lot of money to run. You have to keep the lights on 24/7, and even a single hospital room has a lot of specific lighting requirements. But LED bulbs will cut down on electrical costs. Because they have long lifespans, you also save on replacement bulbs, or diodes, over the years.

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Hospital Lighting: Improve The Well-Being Of Your Patients

Light has a major impact on human performances and human health because of its ability to enable essential chemical reactions in the human body. Light also enables us to effectively perform various visual tasks, and light also has an impact on our moods, emotions, and our perception of everything.

Since light has an impact on our body’s circadian system, light has a major impact on the outcome in healthcare facilities. When many patients are in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, they can often find themselves depressed and sad. Light can have a major impact in hospital settings, due to its ability to:

  • Reduce the length of a patient’s hospital stay
  • Allow the patients to get a better sleep rhythm
  • Lessening the pain in all patients
  • Improving the moods of patients who have dementia
  • Improving the work environment for the medical staff members who have to work at night

When your hospital lighting is improved, you will instantly see a difference in the health and well-being of all of your patients and your staff members. Improved hospital lighting should be incorporated in any healthcare setting, and not only because of how beneficial it is to patients.

LED lighting can be incorporated into your hospital at an affordable cost

Improve The Patients Experience By Changing Your Hospital Lighting

Patients are changing every day, and as patients change, hospitals have to change too. The costs of care are constantly changing, the role of insurance providers is changing, and there are different options for patients in regards to treatment. These factors and more are causing healthcare facilities to change the way they operate so they can be more competitive.

Lighting once seemed like only a small difference between one medical facility over the other, but it has become a major difference. Yes, lighting can be the difference in a patient choosing one medical facility over the other. In order for your medical facility to compete in the healthcare industry, you have to design your facility around the needs of your patients, visitors, employees, medical providers, etc.

When you invest in better hospital lighting, patients and your hospital staff will see better and feel better. Lighting can also be the key to speeding up the recovery and healing process. Those who are responsible for caring for the patients will be able to do their jobs better because the hospital lighting has been improved.

When your hospital installs proper lighting, patients will be able to relax, your hospital staff will become more productive and efficient at their jobs, and the doctors will be able to do their jobs easier because they will have the improved visibility they need to perform surgery and operate on patients.

In order for you to be a leader in the healthcare industry, your hospital will need to improve a variety of things, especially the ambiance because that can be the key to improving patient experience and the entire reputation of your medical facility.

Improve the Mood of Your Hospital by Upgrading the Lighting

You can improve the mood and health of the patients and staff in you hospital by upgrading the lighting. Hospital lighting has a great effect on anyone who spends a lot of time in the hospital. Below you will find five benefits to upgrading your lighting.

1. Increased productivity: with brighter lighting, employees will feel better, and produce higher quality work.

2. Better sleep for your patience: everyone needs a certain amount of light for their body to function well. If the light is lacking, people have trouble sleeping.

3. Improved mood: increased lighting can boost the moods of your patients and staff. Low lighting produces fatigue and total mood disturbance.

4. Quicker healing: when your patients are exposed to brighter lights, it reduces the time that it takes for their body to heal.

5. Improved moral: when the hospital is lit properly, everyone is functioning at their best. This helps to improve the mood of everyone that spends any time at the hospital.

The above reasons to upgrade your lighting are just a few. With better lighting in your hospital, everyone will feel the difference and be happier. The best source of light is the sun, but for the patients that have to be in the hospital, the brighter lighting will be better for them than the traditional low lighting of a hospital.

Improve Hospital Lighting & The Comfort Level Of Your Healthcare Facility

As technology continues to expand in the best ways, it can be difficult for a healthcare system to choose the best option. When it comes to the trends in hospital lighting, healthcare facility managers are looking for ways to lower the energy consumption, provide patients with a facility that will comfort them and allow them to feel safe, and provide a comfortable working environment for the hospital staff.

It can be a tough job to take on, but the managers of the hospital have to be savvy about what technology and resources they will use for the hospital. However, like many schools, hospitals do not always have the necessary funds in order to continuously spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for the electricity bills.

There are several reasons why a hospital would want to invest in lighting that is a cost saver and an energy-efficient solution. When a hospital has energy-efficient lighting devices, it will benefit in the following ways, plus more:

  • Improvement in the work efficiency and productivity
  • Improvement in the overall safety
  • Better comfort level for patients ad hospital staff members
  • Savings in the air conditioning costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduction in downtime that can be very costly
  • Increase the cash flow and the number of patients that come into your hospital
  • Tax deductions

Typically, a hospital can be over-lit and very bright in all places. There is a high importance in providing the right amount of light in the right areas. Certain areas and corridors in hospitals require a certain type of lighting that can be different from other areas.

There is a big case for hospitals to focus on having lighting that is energy-efficient, safe, and healthy. A hospital should be a comfortable environment for the patients, the employees, staff, and visitors. Hospitals would like a lighting system that does not require much from them. You do not want your maintenance team walking up and down the halls and into patients’ rooms changing light bulbs.

If your patients, employees, and visitors are top priorities for your hospital, you will want to invest in a system that will make your facility more comfortable and welcoming.

How Proper Hospital Lighting Makes For a Healing Environment

Light is a critical aspect of life. It  allows us to see all of the things around us and perform our daily activities. Lighting is also important because it can affect how we behave  physiologically and psychologically.

This is why lighting can impact the outcomes in any kind of healthcare setting.

Better for the Patients 

When the proper hospital lighting is in place, this can help reduce the number of patients facing depression as a result of their hospital stay. The proper lighting can also lessen agitation in patients and ease their pain.  When lighting is used effectively, it can make a huge difference in a patient’s experience while playing a huge role in the promotion of their health and prosperity.

Better for Hospital Staff

The physicians and the nurses in the hospitals and other medical care facilities have stressful jobs, and they spend hours upon hours working hard to take care of their patients. They have to perform a significant number of complicated tasks, such as making charts, giving out medication, and other critical tasks to ensure the well-being of the patients. If there is an adequate amount of lighting while they are working, it can create a hectic work environment that can compound the likelihood of stress. Workers can also create more errors when their work areas are not adequately lit.  Proper lighting can also make the adjustment better for workers on the night shift.

Promote a Healing Environment 

Hospitals that make the investment in energy efficient lighting will be able to make a great difference by creating a healing environment. When it concerns hospital lighting, managers of the different facilities are making it a top priority to lower the usage of energy. Lighting has become much more complex than it has been before, and facility managers have to be sharp and savvy about what products and services they choose to install in their facilities.

There is an importance in finding the right light to place in the right location. Their has to be an understanding that certain areas will require for a certain type of light. There is a case being made for hospitals to have their focus on adding lighting that is energy-efficient to provide a comfortable environment that is also healthy.

Comfort for patients, and their safety and satisfaction are important reasons to consider implementing the right kind of lighting.