Efficient lighting for LEED certification

Jan 18, 2018

New construction projects throughout the country are being designed to save energy. LEED certified buildings show that the company is environmentally conscious with their construction practices....

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Make Your Parking Lot Better With LED Lighting

Jan 05, 2018

The overhead expenses for many commercial properties are highly significant. Parking lot lighting is responsible for a large amount of that budget. Having working lights in a parking lot is essential, and you cannot get away with not having working parking lot lights....

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Is Your Grocery Store Using Four Layers of Lighting?

Dec 22, 2017

Grocery stores are split into sections. Not only can your customers delineate the borders of a grocery's produce section, bakery, dairy section, and more due to the posted signs, but they can sense a difference in how the sections feel....

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Why LEDs Provide Safer Manufacturing Lighting

Dec 04, 2017

With older technologies, providing a brightly lit work area conflicts with economics. The reason is their energy inefficiency. On the other hand, LEDs produce less waste heat, and therefore provide bright lighting without high energy bills. LED light is also unidirectional, which means most of...

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Keep Your Cold Storage Cold with LEDs

Dec 01, 2017

Different facilities use different lighting systems, and sometimes even different parts of the same building are lit with different bulbs. But LEDs are the best choice for your cold storage sites, regardless of the surrounding infrastructure....

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