Get Your Hospital Ready for the Future of LEDs Now

Nov 08, 2018

LEDs hit the lighting world by storm, and there are several good reasons for that. Not only are they energy-efficient and produce less heat, but they're also customizable. Everything from dimness to color and direction can be programmed into LEDs. But while that makes LEDs...

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LED Lighting: Are You Ready To Make The Switch?

Oct 18, 2018

Is today the day you are going to move ahead with your commercial lighting and switch your incandescent light bulbs for the popular LED light bulbs? If you are thinking about making the switch, we know there are some more things you will want to...

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5 Benefits of LED Lighting

Sep 20, 2018

When was the last time you took a look at your lighting array? Chances are good you probably never really notice it, unless something burns out, or it doesn't turn on. But if you aren't using LED lighting, then you are missing out on a...

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Sustainable Lighting Options for Businesses

Sep 07, 2018

Currently, most business owners are working towards achieving sustainability in their daily operations because customers prefer engaging enterprises that prioritize the need to conserve the environment. One of the best ways to create a sustainable workplace is by opting to use eco-friendly lighting. Energy saving...

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8 Ways in Which LED Lighting Is All Around You

Jul 13, 2018

LEDs may be new on the scene but they are already being used a great deal. Many people are currently getting LED lighting upgrades because, as compared to fluorescents, LEDs have a longer life. Plus, they are more energy efficient and emit a cooler light. You...

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