The Many Benefits of Motion Activated LED Lighting

Jul 07, 2017

LEDs are ideally suited for use with motion sensor technology. And while there are many benefits and uses of LED lighting in business settings, combining them with motion sensors expands the possibilities further. Here are five benefits: Saves Energy If you are already using energy-efficient LED lighting,...

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2 Helpful Lighting Maintenance Tips From The Pros

Jul 03, 2017

As a commercial property owner, it goes without saying that your building is constructed with plenty of indoor and outdoor lighting. And in order to enjoy the benefits and safety of good lighting, proper routine maintenance is required. Fortunately, unless there is a mysterious problem...

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Is Your Cold Storage Still Safely Lit?

Jun 22, 2017

From cut flowers to pork chops, there are dozens of industrial reasons why your business needs cold storage. These marvels of modern technology transformed the agricultural, brewing, and food service industries over a century ago and become more advanced with each decade. Your cold storage...

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Hospital Lighting: Improve The Well-Being Of Your Patients

Jun 19, 2017

Light has a major impact on human performances and human health because of its ability to enable essential chemical reactions in the human body. Light also enables us to effectively perform various visual tasks, and light also has an impact on our moods, emotions, and...

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Reduce Your Energy Bills And Enhance Your Parking Lot Lighting

Jun 06, 2017

Many businesses that have been operating for longer than ten years will likely have some lighting fixtures that have become outdated. When lighting at your business is outdated, you will find yourself paying some very costly energy bills. There was once a time when many...

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Reduce Office Worker Eyestrain with LED Bias Lighting

Jun 02, 2017

Eyestrain is a common problem faced by many office people who work in front of a computer monitor for hours at a time. It causes tired eyes, headaches, blurred and sometimes double vision. Although some of the symptoms seem serious such as double vision, the...

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