Is Your Cold Storage Still Safely Lit?

From cut flowers to pork chops, there are dozens of industrial reasons why your business needs cold storage. These marvels of modern technology transformed the agricultural, brewing, and food service industries over a century ago and become more advanced with each decade. Your cold storage room may have a magnetic locking door, regulated ventilation, and digital temperature controls but it should definitely have bright, clearly illuminating electric lights.

The Hurry to Warm Up

The effectiveness and safety of your cold storage unit(s) should be checked at least once a year, and cleaned every week that it is frequently used. Unfortunately, cold storage safety is easy to skimp on without thinking about it. Even if you do regular cleaning and safety checks, it’s cold in there! Especially for freezer units, your body is wary about letting you linger in the cold. Too long and it starts sending urgent messages to leave and warm back up. This can cause people to hurry away from cold storage tasks without even realizing they have done so! This year, resolve to put on a coat and take a couple of rounds cleaning and securing your cold storage.

Staying Safe on Icy Surfaces

When checking on your cold storage, there are a few regular safety considerations. Due to the nature of cold storage, floors can become both dirty and icy. To deal with this, mop from wall to wall regularly and lay down thick, secure rubber mats on the floor between the shelves and anywhere you expect to step. Icy build-up on the walls commonly known as ‘freezer burn’ can be scraped away or melted with warm water, just remember to move shelves and goods away from the wall before bringing down the ice.

Staying Safe with Strong Lights

Changing light bulbs in your cold storage can be a freezing pain, but it is vital to continued safe use of your unit. Insufficient lighting increases the body’s fear response to lingering in cold temperatures. This combined with low visibility can drastically increase chances of both falling and dropping shelf items. Naturally you’ll want to change out your lights as little as possible so your ideal bulb is bright, long lasting, and produces very little heat.

Hospital Lighting: Improve The Well-Being Of Your Patients

Light has a major impact on human performances and human health because of its ability to enable essential chemical reactions in the human body. Light also enables us to effectively perform various visual tasks, and light also has an impact on our moods, emotions, and our perception of everything.

Since light has an impact on our body’s circadian system, light has a major impact on the outcome in healthcare facilities. When many patients are in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, they can often find themselves depressed and sad. Light can have a major impact in hospital settings, due to its ability to:

  • Reduce the length of a patient’s hospital stay
  • Allow the patients to get a better sleep rhythm
  • Lessening the pain in all patients
  • Improving the moods of patients who have dementia
  • Improving the work environment for the medical staff members who have to work at night

When your hospital lighting is improved, you will instantly see a difference in the health and well-being of all of your patients and your staff members. Improved hospital lighting should be incorporated in any healthcare setting, and not only because of how beneficial it is to patients.

LED lighting can be incorporated into your hospital at an affordable cost

Hotel Lighting: Save On Operational Costs And Create An Enjoyable Experience

Managing a hotel brings its own set of challenges. It is not an easy job to keep your guests happy while trying to keep your employees motivated to perform at a high level on a daily basis. Even if you do have success, you will still need to effectively monitor all of your operation costs so you can keep both sides happy.

However, while you are monitoring you operating costs, you should not have to lower your operating costs at the expense of the quality of services you provide. When hotel guests visit your hotel, they expect to be comfortable and they expect to be treated well by your entire staff. When you are considering making important decisions regarding operational costs, you should always consider how the changes will impact the type of comfort you can offer your hotel guests.

Although every hotel operates differently, every hotel owner or hotel manager wants to retain the loyalty of their current customers. They also want to be able to attract new customers. One of the best ways to increase comfort in your hotel is to take advantage of the LED lighting technology. The LED lighting technology has given every industry, especially the hotel industry the opportunity to operate at a greater efficiency.

LED lighting requires less energy, repairs, and maintenance. As a hotel owner, manager, or operator, you will have the ability to take control of the type of lighting you want to offer, while saving money at the same time. You will have the ability to create the perfect ambiance in the hotel rooms, the lobbies, the bars, lounges, breakfast room, etc. Your hotel guests will not just see your hotel as a place to stay, they will begin to see your hotel as an entire experience that will allow them to sleep, eat, drink, and have an incredible time.

Design Considerations for Manufacturing Lighting

Many elements go into creating a successful manufacturing facility, and good lighting is one component that should not be overlooked. Good lighting in an industrial facility can keep workers safe and more productive, and a cheerful, well-lit workplace can be good for morale. However careful consideration must be given to the lighting system, since not just any lamp will do.


In today’s global manufacturing environment there is a level of competition unknown to our predecessors, and companies must keep costs low in order to come out on top. Outdated lighting can eat up large amounts of energy and require frequent, costly bulb replacements. Less money spent on operating costs means higher profits overall, so products that offer great performance while keeping plant energy and maintenance costs low are an excellent investment.

Adequate Lighting

Poor light levels can make it more difficult, or even dangerous, for workers to do their jobs. Many tasks performed on the production floor require great attention to detail. In addition, safety is of the utmost importance in a manufacturing facility and workers must have adequate lighting to avoid any potential hazards. Manufacturing plants often have high ceilings, so lights must be powerful enough to reach the work floor. Consideration should also be given to color and placement of lights to optimize lighting levels in the facility.


Finally, the conditions found in an industrial environment are harsher than those of, say, a shopping mall or high school gymnasium. Manufacturing lighting must be resilient enough to withstand harsh conditions like high humidity, heat, vibrations, chemicals and large equipment that could damage it.

At Relumination, our seasoned professionals are well-versed in manufacturing lighting design and will work with you to design a lighting layout that is ideal for your facility.

Five Reasons to Use LEDs for Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting adds visual appeal, style, and professionalism to your business establishment. It differentiates you from your plainer looking competitors. It makes your business look more successful. To make it worth your while, decorative lighting shouldn’t require excessive maintenance, become a fire hazard, or cause big increases to your energy costs. Here are five reasons LED lighting is the best choice:

Energy Efficient

Compared to other technologies such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting, an LED light converts more of its electrical input into light. Incandescent bulbs for example, produce more heat than light. To put out the same amount of illumination as an LED light, the incandescent bulb requires higher wattage. This extra power is wasted as heat. Although your money isn’t going up in smoke, it is going up in heat.

Efficient Color Production

There’s another type of efficiency that LEDs enjoy over incandescent lights. To produce a color, an incandescent light uses a filter, that is, the bulb uses glass with a translucent color such as red, that only allows red light through. The light is dim because most of the bulb’s light doesn’t pass through. This is energy inefficient. On the other hand, a red LED light only produces red light. The power going into the LED directly produces the desired color, such as red.


Because LEDs produce little heat, they don’t get hot and aren’t fire hazards. You can safely leave them on for hours. They won’t burn the fingers of anyone who handles them.


LEDs don’t require a warm-up period. If you want them to blink, they’re perfectly suitable. They’re easily dimmed and amenable to all kinds of control schemes. You can program a controller device to turn them on and off and vary their brightness in very complicated patterns.


An LED light is a solid state device. There’s no glass bulbs, tubes, filaments, or glowing gas. It isn’t a collection of separate parts. It’s a solid piece of material. This means it tolerates vibration and shock impacts better than other types of lighting. When using them outdoors, you needn’t worry about wind storms. This saves on maintenance costs. In addition, LED lights outlast other common forms of lighting, which further reduces the cost of maintenance.

LED Lighting: Perfect for Business Signage

Many of the properties that make LEDs unique also make them ideal for business signage lighting. This includes signs on the business premises and those placed elsewhere for advertising purposes. Five of these beneficial properties are discussed next.

  • Energy-efficient. While most people are familiar with this benefit, it doesn’t make it any less true. With LED lighting on your advertising signs, you can go ahead and leave them on longer because their energy consumption is so low. LEDs use 60% less power than fluorescent lighting for the same lighting levels.
  • Longer lasting. While fluorescent signage lighting requires replacement several times per year, LEDs will run for years before requiring replacement. The maintenance savings are substantial, especially on large, difficult to access elevated signs such as highway billboards.
  • Rugged. LEDs don’t use fragile glass tubes or filaments inside glass bulbs. They are solid state devices, which means your outdoor signage is less vulnerable to bad weather such as wind storms. This significantly reduces long-term maintenance costs in many parts of the country with highly variable weather.
  • Unidirectional light. Light from LEDs don’t radiate in all directions as does light from fluorescent tubes. LEDs put out unidirectional light that travels in a single direction. This property is useful when lighting a sign with an external light. Often this consists of a light source positioned on the ground and aimed at a sign above. Most of the light emission from the LED light source reaches the sign and therefore isn’t wasted. The fuller white light also shows the sign’s true colors.
  • Low heat output. For indoor signage, this saves on air conditioning in the summer and is less of a fire risk than hot incandescent lighting.

Improve The Patients Experience By Changing Your Hospital Lighting

Patients are changing every day, and as patients change, hospitals have to change too. The costs of care are constantly changing, the role of insurance providers is changing, and there are different options for patients in regards to treatment. These factors and more are causing healthcare facilities to change the way they operate so they can be more competitive.

Lighting once seemed like only a small difference between one medical facility over the other, but it has become a major difference. Yes, lighting can be the difference in a patient choosing one medical facility over the other. In order for your medical facility to compete in the healthcare industry, you have to design your facility around the needs of your patients, visitors, employees, medical providers, etc.

When you invest in better hospital lighting, patients and your hospital staff will see better and feel better. Lighting can also be the key to speeding up the recovery and healing process. Those who are responsible for caring for the patients will be able to do their jobs better because the hospital lighting has been improved.

When your hospital installs proper lighting, patients will be able to relax, your hospital staff will become more productive and efficient at their jobs, and the doctors will be able to do their jobs easier because they will have the improved visibility they need to perform surgery and operate on patients.

In order for you to be a leader in the healthcare industry, your hospital will need to improve a variety of things, especially the ambiance because that can be the key to improving patient experience and the entire reputation of your medical facility.