3 Ways to Improve Energy-Efficiency In Commercial Buildings

Lighting is the largest use of electricity in commercial facilities. With the current pandemic and unpredictable future, saving money is more important than ever. Relumination has helped our customers save more than 4 million dollars to date, and we can help your commercial business too. Here are 3 ways we can increase energy savings and provide a more efficient lighting system for your commercial facility.

1. LED Lights

LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. LEDs are also longer lasting than traditional bulbs which will save you the time and energy of having to replace them often. LED lights are cheaper to run because they use significantly less electricity than traditional bulbs, which in return will cut out a large chunk of the electricity bill.

2. Use Sensors

Taking advantage of sensory can help cut down on costs. Using sensors in infrequently used spaces such as restrooms or storage spaces can save money by only running the lights when needed. By only running the lights when the room is occupied employees won’t have to worry about spreading germs through light switches or having to turn off and on the lights while carrying something, all while lowering the electricity bill.

3. Zoning

Most commercial buildings have the lights arranged in the original layout that they were when the building was built. Updating the layout of the lighting can help reduce costs. By rezoning your lighting layout you can take advantage of different types of lighting i.e low hanging and dimming in certain areas to help reduce costs and provide each area with the ideal lighting.

Relumination uses an effective 6 step approach to give each unique facility the best energy-efficient lighting solution. By determining your needs and creating a custom lighting plan, Relumination can increase your energy savings and provide you with a more efficient lighting system.

If you’re ready to trim a bit of your electricity and add to your savings contact Relumination today to get in touch with one of our professionals!



3 Tips for Energy Reduction at the Office

If you’ve had an LED retrofit completed, you’re already on the right track to reducing energy consumption in your office. LED lights use as much as 90% less energy than conventional lighting, and last up to five times longer. Even with your energy-efficient LED lighting, though, there are many more ways to improve your energy reduction. Try out some of these tips:

Install motion detectors: Turning off lights when they’re not in use is one way to do things, but it’s easy for someone to forget when they’re in a rush. Motion detectors that turn your lights off after there’s been no movement in a room for a certain period of time ensures that no matter what happens, you won’t be coming into the office the next morning and finding that the light in the copy room has been left on again. Plus, you can still turn the lights off manually.

Install task lighting: There’s no need to turn on all the office lights if it’s only one or two desks in use. Between their small size, bright (and dimmable) lighting, and the fact that they don’t give off heat, LED lights can be installed almost anywhere to provide more efficient lighting up-close.

Dim lights to necessary levels: You don’t need to keep your LED lights on the highest setting. Often, a lower setting is more than enough – especially when spring and summer roll around if your office gets natural lighting. Dim your LEDs when they’re too bright, and they’ll both last longer and save you more on your energy costs.

If you haven’t yet installed LED lights in your office or business, contact us today for a free estimate.