Office Lighting | Relumination - Part 2
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Protect Your Customers and Your Business with LED Lighting

Dec 12, 2016

As a responsible business owner, you've kept your property safe for both your customers and employees by looking for and promptly correcting safety hazards. Injured employees reduce your productivity and their insurance claims increase premiums. When customers get injured, you risk possible litigation and losing...

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The Future of Lighting

Oct 03, 2016

Imagine a world where light switches don't exist. Your factory floor is illuminated only when and where it needs to be. Your administration offices feature light fixtures that have more intelligence, providing services, such as public address, WiFi, and security, and they're incredibly energy-efficient. This...

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Quality Lighting to Keep a Workplace Safe

Sep 28, 2016

Quality lighting solutions are a necessity when it comes to keeping a commercial office space, retail center, warehouse, or mercantile occupancy safe for their employees and a building's means of egress well-lit. Severe weather, fires, and threats by an intruder can all contribute to the...

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How LED Lighting Will Benefit Your Business

Jul 25, 2016

As a business owner it is important to have good lighting around your store or warehouse. Many businesses have made the switch to LED lighting to not only save money, but also cut down on lighting maintenance. Below are 5 benefits to making LED lighting...

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Why LED Lighting Improves Office Productivity

Jul 14, 2016

An optimal office environment requires more than keeping it well lit, maintaining a comfortable temperature, and providing workers with the right tools. These are only the basics and don't include more subtle environmental factors. Subtle effects such as the brightness of the lighting and its...

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New Lighting Technology for Energy-Efficiency

Jun 28, 2016

To achieve better illumination, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial sites are retrofitting old metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting systems with next generation LED lighting. In the process, those sites are realizing substantial energy-efficiency benefits from those LED lighting systems. An LED lighting system can generate the same...

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The benefits of converting your business to LED lighting

May 10, 2016

For any business, the initial benefit of conducting LED lighting is the long-term cost savings. Yes, bulb-for-bulb, LED lighting does have a higher initial cost compared to incandescent lighting. However, over the course of an LED light's lifespan, the real-life costs are a mere fifth of...

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6 Things to Consider About Energy-Efficient Lighting

Dec 21, 2015

If you are thinking about energy-efficiency (who isn't these days?) and about buying some of the smart building products on the market, we have some ideas to help you. Here are 6 things to consider about lighting control. Networked Lighting Systems. One of the smart ways to save energy...

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