Best Practices for Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality lighting is meant to create a warm and inviting environment for your guests to enjoy, whether they are on a work trip or on vacation with family. You want your space to feel effortlessly designed, even after hours of planning the layout. In addition to overall lighting design, hotel and restaurant managers must also consider the costs and energy usage and how best to reduce their consumption.

Why Upgrade Hotel Lighting?

When considering upgrading the lighting in your hotel or restaurant, there are several factors that will influence the direction you choose to go.

  • Aesthetics: You can create a beautiful space through decorative sconces, cascading chandeliers, and impressive lamps.
  • Safety: Ensure your spaces are properly lit and include safety signs to direct guests where to go in case of an emergency.
  • Energy Savings: Use lower energy LED bulbs to save on energy costs and replace your bulbs less often.

Areas to Upgrade

The Lobby and Bar

In spaces like the lobby and bar, it is important to ensure both comfort and sense of safety in the space. You can accomplish this with the use of LED lights to create well lit spaces, then add light layering or unique pieces to add visual interest.


Throughout your hotel, you will have numerous hallways guests will be roaming in order to find their rooms. It is your job to ensure the way it lit sufficiently so no one is struggling along the way. Consider installing attractive energy-efficient fixtures throughout your hallways that are lit 24/7.

Guest Rooms

Depending on the theme of your hotel, you may find you want to include lighting to evoke a certain mood in your guest rooms. Take special attention to the lighting layout of the room and give your guests the opportunity to control the ambience to a certain extent.

Choose Relumination for your Hotel Lighting Upgrades

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