LED Reduces Environmental Impact and Overall Costs

As standards for energy efficiency increase around the country, commercial properties must find ways to decrease consumption. These rising standards are creating new challenges for owners and managers of commercial buildings. They are also providing a unique opportunity to lower long-term costs associated with energy consumption. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting accounts for 17% of total energy usage in commercial properties. Recent progress in the development of LED lighting is set to lower that number significantly, and a breakdown of the science behind it shows how.

How LED Lights Work

An electric current is sent through a microchip which activates light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and visible light is created. Excess heat is drained into a heat sink within the unit to ensure its efficiency and longevity. LEDs emit directional light, which is focused only on spaces that require illumination.  Energy Star notes that this process is more efficient than competing methods of illumination like compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) since these send light and heat in every direction. The efficiency of LEDs isn’t limited to its creation of light, however.

Lifespan of LED

A notable benefit of this light technology is it’s extraordinarily long lifespan. Expertly engineered LED lights have the potential to last 8-10 times longer than fluorescent lighting of comparable brightness. For commercial properties, this corresponds to lower maintenance costs on replacement and greater overall efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy detailed the superiority of LED technology over CFL and incandescent in a study that examined the life cycle of these light sources. Not only are the two latter technologies unable to compete with the overall efficiency of LED, their environmental impact is also greater.

No two buildings are the same. To achieve maximum efficiency, commercial properties require individualized assessments to determine their lighting needs. Relumination specializes in energy-efficient lighting installations that will reduce overhead costs and decrease environmental impact. Please contact us for more information and to determine your next step towards a more efficient future for your building.