Understanding Lighting Controls

What Are Lighting Controls

Lighting control systems are an intelligent network-based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices. Having a good lighting control system enhances any large warehouse/distribution centers, manufacturing, and cold storage facilities.

How Lighting Controls Can Reduce Energy Consumption And Improve Safety

Lighting controls can reduce energy consumption by being set on timers and only being used when lighting is needed. This could mean light is only used when the sun isn’t out or when there is motion in the building. This could improve safety as well as energy consumption by making sure the area is well lit at all times.

Types Of Lighting Control Motion

Basic lighting controls include motion-sensing technology that will illuminate only when areas are occupied. When zones are vacant, the light automatically dims until spaces are filled again. Other lighting controls include Dimming this can adjust the brightness of the lighting depending on the natural lighting and how much light is needed in the room.

Network Lighting Controls

Network lighting controls can control multiple devices within a building. Every fixture includes an integrated sensor that would allow various capabilities. You can program these control to function as needed. These sensors will not only control the lighting but also the temperature, humidity, power metering, space optimization and more. Network lighting controls can grow and adapt with a business, as they can be reprogrammed at any time

How Relumination Can Help

We can help you install and program lighting controls into your business. We help commercial and industrial companies reduce overhead costs, save electricity, minimize facilities management expenses, and decrease their environmental footprint. Check out our website to learn more about our lighting control and other services.

How Advanced Network Lighting Controls Can Benefit Your Facility

Are you an office manager, or do you manage a warehouse or factory? If you do, then you know how good lighting is critical for productivity and keeping people safe.  More and more office, warehouse and factory managers are discovering the benefits of using advanced network lighting controls for their facilities. Here’s what you need to know about advanced network lighting controls and how it can help your facility. 

What Are Network Lighting Controls? 

Maybe you’ve heard of the term “network lighting controls” but aren’t quite sure what it means. Simply put, network lighting controls (NLC), allows a cloud-based software to maximize energy savings, improve productivity,
and maintain safe, comfortable light levels.means the ability to set lighting schedules throughout a facility at each lighting fixture rather than for an entire lighting circuit.

Basic Benefits of NLC Over Basic Lighting Controls

This lighting system is advanced or better than basic lighting controls for several reasons. For example:

  • Fixture integrated sensors that permit lighting control at each individual fixture instead of using an entire light circuit allowing for a more granular control.
  • It uses networked systems, allowing the ability to be controlled from any device.
  • Wireless technology makes the lighting system easy to install as well as reconfigure.
  • Each of the fixtures can be set, independently, for dimming and illumination.
  • By dimming or even eliminating unused lighting, your facility uses less energy, so you save money.
  • Daylight harvesting allows the lighting to adjust automatically to stay at a target level as a response to natural light levels.
  • Ability to expand to sensors to monitor non-lighting items, such as humidity, temperature, space optimization, power metering and much more.
  • It provides lighting that’s more attuned to workers within a space. As a result, employees are more likely to do a better job and produce more.

The Bottom Line:

By using advanced Network Lighting Controls, you can save time, be more productive and efficient, and save money. If you’re thinking about a lighting upgrade, contact us for a no-cost lighting anaylsis.