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What Should Be the Characteristics of Your Big Box Store’s General Lighting?

General lighting provides the backdrop for any other layers of lighting in your store. It needs to be sufficient enough for customers to easily go about their shopping and for employees to restock shelves but flat enough for other lighting, such as accent lights, to draw attention. Here are some of the recommendations for good general lighting for all large retail stores:

  • Use LED lighting. LEDs are becoming standard lighting across retail and industrial locations due to their consistent, bright light and low heat output, and they’re even becoming a quickly growing favorite for residential lighting. They’re also energy-efficient, which helps reduce lighting costs, and their low heat rating means they can illuminate perishable and fragile goods without damage.
  • Use mirrors and reflectors to spread the low-level lighting across the storefront. Diffused lighting is easier on customers, so they’re more likely to stay longer in your store than if you had direct, sharp lights. Use the right degrees of warmth and contrast to make your store feel spacious and well-organized.
  • Reduce shadows. Even though general lighting should be between thirty and fifty footcandles, it needs to reach every surface of your store. If you have tall rows or corner shelves that obstruct the lighting and cause shadows, your employees are less likely to browse that area. Instead, use vertical lights and rows of ceiling lights that match the shelving so everything is lit.

General lighting is essential whole-store coverage for illumination and visibility.