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Two Important Benefits of LED Parking Garage Lighting

Many people consider parking garages as ugly, dark, and dangerous places. This reputation is due in large part to poor upkeep and poor lighting. It doesn’t help that commonly used lights in parking garages produce an eerie off-white color that disorients the customer. However, this can be changed by using clean reflective surfaces on the ceiling and walls and by using LED lighting. Here is how you benefit from this change:

More Attractive to Your Customers

Bright lighting elevates the mood of your customers and makes them feel safer. The feeling of safety that people experience in daylight is both real and psychological. This feeling is reproduced in parking garages brightly lit with LEDs. LED lights closely resemble daylight and therefore produce similar psychological feelings. The improved lighting also makes the area more attractive and upscale. Customers are then more inclined to come back and do repeat business.

Improves Your Customer’s Safety

Bright lighting and surveillance cameras reduce crime. The improved lighting also allows customers to see slippery areas, irregular surfaces, curbs, wheel stops, and other features that might cause slip or trip-and-fall accidents. Reduced crime and falls decreases your risk of customer lawsuits arising from crime victimization and fall injuries. Poor lighting is a common reason property owners are required to pay damages in these lawsuits.

The above benefits are further enhanced by clean, white reflective wall and ceiling surfaces. This disperses light and increases the overall illumination. The right choice of paint or surface treatment will also repel dirt and soot buildup, which diminish the garage illumination over time.

Two other benefits you’ll enjoy from LED parking garage lighting are lower energy bills from the high energy efficiency of LEDs, and reduced maintenance costs from the long operating life of LEDs.