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National DCP

National DCP

Reduced Energy Consumption

Location: Bellingham, MA; Colonie, NY; Greensboro, NC; Groveland, FL; McDonough, GA; Phoenix, AZ; Twinsburg, OH; Westampton, NJ
Facility Size: 1.2M+ sq. ft combined
Environment: Warehouse, Offices, Exterior
Installation Type: Retrofit


Relumination worked extensively with National DCP to upgrade warehouses, office, and exterior lighting at eight site locations spanning North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, New York, and Massachusetts. National DCP is a global supply chain provider delivering innovation to the food service industry. Knowing that their warehouses and offices were using large amounts of energy, these lighting upgrade projects significantly reduced their overall energy expenses while improving employee experience.


With a majority of fixtures in these sites consisting of fluorescent fixtures, energy costs were high, and maintenance was frequent. These energy-hungry fixtures were replaced with LEDs that incorporated smart controls within the warehouse areas. Overall, energy costs were reduced by as much as 75% for some sites while creating safer and healthier working conditions for the workers at each facility.

Measured Benefits


Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings


Utility Incentives


10 Year Cost Savings




Improved Employee Wellbeing
Enhanced Visibility & Safety
Optimized Work Environment for Productivity and Accuracy
Energy and Maintenance Cost Reduction

Environmental Impact

3.25M+ kWh Saved Annually
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 513 Passenger Vehicles Driven for One Year
Greenhouse gas emissions from 797 tons of waste sent to the landfill
CO2 Emissions from 290 Homes’ Energy Use for One Year
Carbon Sequestered by 2,747 Acres of US Forests in One Year