Case Study: Albertsons

Categories: Interior Lighting, Warehouse and Distribution


Location: North Salt Lake, UT
Facility Size: 695,000 sq. ft.
Environment: Distribution Center
Installation Type: Retrofit


Albertsons Companies, founded in 1939, is the second largest supermarket chain in the United States and currently sits at #53 on the Forbes 100 list. With competition from online retailers and traditional competitors alike, Albertsons is investing in operational and energy-efficiency across their facilities. The North Salt Lake distribution center, at almost 700,000 sq ft is a bustling place, operating 24/7 to service stores near and far. Over time the lighting within the facility began to show their age. Original light levels were diminished to below-standard and energy and maintenance costs burdened the budget and staff. The management at Albertsons knew that it was time to take advantage of energy-efficient lighting and decided to work with Relumination to implement a system that would bring them into future of sustainable lighting.


With the dual goal of reducing energy and maintenance expenses, while drastically improving light levels, it was clear that an intelligent LED-based lighting solution would be the best fit. Relumination implemented an advanced Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System with Light Rules facility controls. The project consisted of replacing over 750 fixtures, repositioning lights to maximize location and programming smart dimming and occupancy sensing to make sure the right light was in the right place when it was needed. The results were overwhelming. Not only was light level improved, preliminary energy savings is over 87%!  Workers appreciate the additional light when they are working and management benefits from drastic bottom-line savings. A win, win for everyone.

Financial Metrics

  1. fm-icon-1Annual Lighting Energy Savings


  2. Annual Maintenance Savings


  3. Utility Incentives


  4. ROI

    2.2 Years

  5. 10 Year Cost Savings



  1. Light level improvements for safety and productivity
  2. Supported company’s environmental sustainability program
  3. Improvements in operational efficiency and worker productivity
  4. Energy and Maintenance Cost reduction

Environmental Metrics

  1. 2,138,955 kWh Saved Annually


  1. Greenhouse gas emissions from 555 tons of waste sent to the landfill


  1. Carbon Sequestered by 1,875 Acres of US Forests in One Year

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 341 Passenger Vehicles Driven for One Year


  1. CO2 Emissions from 172 Homes’ Energy Use for One Year