Case Study: Southern Glazer’s

Category: Warehouse & Distribution


Location: Phoenix, AZ
Facility Size: 325,000 sq. ft.
Environment: Distribution Center
Installation Type: Retrofit


Southern Glazer’s is the largest and most well-known wine and spirits distributor in North America with distribution centers spanning across 44 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and the Caribbean. Specifically, their Phoenix-based 325,000 sq. ft. facility was spending abundant amounts on electricity and lighting maintenance costs each month. Southern Glazer’s original lighting layout was composed of T5HO High Bay fluorescent lighting fixtures not suited to fit the needs in their current facility. A component of continued success in the beverage industry is cost efficiency. Southern Glazer’s knew a reduction in operating expenses through a new energy efficient lighting design and intelligent system could optimize their facility and maximize productivity.


With the combination of modern technology and expertise, Relumination designed and installed an Intelligent LED Lighting Solution fit specifically for the Southern Glazer’s facility. By switching to a Digital Lumens Intelligent LED system, lighting energy consumption was significantly reduced by 91.5% for Southern Glazer’s. The daylight harvesting element utilized in this facility through the Digital Lumens Lighting Solution also increased savings by 23.5%. In addition to reducing energy consumption, this lighting upgrade resulted in several worker benefits including improvements in worker efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Financial Metrics

  1. fm-icon-1Annual Lighting Energy Savings


  2. Annual Maintenance Savings


  3. Utility Incentives


  4. ROI

    2.17 Years


  1. Energy and Maintenance Cost reduction 
  2. Light level improvements for safety and productivity
  3. Supported company’s environmental sustainability program 
  4. Improvements in operational efficiency and worker productivity

Environmental Metrics

  1. 1,210,000 kWh Saved Annually


  1. Greenhouse gas emissions from 270 tons of waste sent to the landfill


  1. Carbon Sequestered by 805 Acres of US Forests in One Year

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 180 Passenger Vehicles Driven for One Year


  1. CO2 Emissions from 90 Homes’ Energy Use for One Year