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Four ways to achieve versatile hotel lighting

As competition in the hotel industry become stiffer by the day, it is important for you as a hotel owner to make sure that your star ratings impress your prospective guests. One area that can whittle down or shoot up your hotel rating is how bright or dark your rooms, corridors, and public spaces are. To make sure that your hotel lighting is perfect, we have put down four ideas that will help your hotel become brighter and warmer.      

1.    Work with a light planner

  Most hotel developers assume that electrical engineers are the sole experts with whom we should trust with lighting. With respect to electrical engineers, they often don’t think much about style, ambiance, art, and glamor. Very good lighting is the handiwork of light planners. They know how that white satin sheet needs to be lit up. With a lighting planner, sockets are better placed, and public spaces are well taken care of. So, with a light planner, you will give your guests a great first impression.   

2.    Apply Versatile lighting 

  We used to have a traditional format in hotel arrangement where the lobby, bar, restaurant, and check-in were kept separate from each other. Everything is now free-flowing. Many things can take place in the same room. For example, the same room may be used for breakfast in the morning and then used for dinner in the evening. It means that lighting in the same space needs to be versatile. Good lighting will cater for cool lighting in the morning while making sure that dinner is served under warm, cozier lighting.  

3.    Maintain your concept

When guests walk into your hotel, the property needs to have a wow effect! The place needs to stand out. Now, you might do so much thinking that you are standing out. But what you are doing is making your lighting look out of place. For example, lamps work well in a lobby when you want to highlight decorative and architectural aspects. What are we saying? Lighting should be used to reinforce the property theme.   

4.    Invest in quality

  Come to think of it, a hotel like yours is going to have a lot of guests. When there is an event in town, you’re going to turn away some guests. Because of this human traffic, you need quality. You need quality bulbs, switches, and other fittings associated with lighting. If you are going to use lamps and stands, they have to survive knocks when they topple. At the end of the day, you don’t want bulbs as an expenditure every year.   If you would like to get an experienced team in light planning, contact us.