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Parking Lot Lighting for Increased Security & Safety

ledparkinglotChances are you’ve taken extraordinary efforts in providing more than adequate lighting for your office areas where most of your business in conducted. If it’s a retail space, then you’ve taken proper actions to create ample lighting for your customers so that they can see and evaluate your product in an effective and desirable light. If your business is more of a cubicle environment, then your workers need adequate lighting to be able to performs as efficiently as possible. One area, however, that may even require more attention for your place of business though is parking lot lighting.

Having your parking lot properly illuminated is key to providing an increased level of security and safety in the areas surrounding your business. Not only will proper lighting give your customers or clients a safer access to your business, but it is also more likely to protect you, as a business owner, from any sort of legal action in the event that something unfortunate in the form of crime or personal injury may happen.

“A review of case law shows that environments that have a specified flaw in design or negligence of conditions have some traction in litigation. However, no cases show any succcessful legal actions when spaces incorporate reasonable lighting design practice, including light levels based on appropriate design references.” (E.E. Richman, U.S. Department of Energy)

Utilizing good business sense and based on the above quotation, it stands to reason that properly illuminating your parking areas will provide your business with several advantages:

  1. Crime detterrant.
  2. Injury prevention by providing better visibility for your customers or clients.
  3. Customer’s peace of mind, knowing that they are safer from potential crime or personal injury.
  4. Your peace of mind as a business owner, knowing that you will have the most possible protection against any form of litigation.

Choosing the right lighting design for your parking area is important. Let the energy-efficient lighting solutions specialists at Relumination help you. We specialize in helping companies of all sizes reduce energy costs, lower maintenance expenses, decrease their environmental footprint and improve their quality of light through energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our valued customers are in various industries from manufacturing to retail.

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