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How Exterior Illumination Easily Makes Your Hotel More Inviting

Adding exterior lighting to your hospitality venue is an easy way to create an appealing façade for your building which will draw in more customers and therefore increase revenue. Illuminating the outside of your business is the perfect way to instantly make it look warmer, more inviting, and higher in quality while still being a cost-effective improvement method.


Highlighting the exterior features of your hotel including the insignia, well-manicured landscaping and greenery, cascading fountains, and available parking areas and thoroughfares automatically elevates the aesthetic quality of your establishment. When the external characteristics of the hotel are accentuated, patrons will be more likely to investigate the internal amenities and choose to stay there.


We’ve all seen horror movie scenes where the protagonists coast their stalling automobile into the dark, spooky parking lot of a sinister-looking hotel, foreshadowing the ill-fated activities that take place there. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your building to become a stereotypical Bates Motel lookalike by leaving the outside unlit and unwelcoming. No matter how appealing it may be in the daytime hours, after dusk weary travelers will pass up your venue for a brighter, more cheery option. Not to mention, a lack of lighting also presents a safety hazard, increasing the likelihood of customers and staff members to experience  painful trips and falls.


Making the investment to have exterior illumination installed at your building speaks highly of you and your establishment. Being conscientious enough to anticipate the aesthetic quality and safety advantages that outside illumination creates, makes your current and potential customers feel more confident in their decision to book a stay with your company.

Fashioning a beautiful eye-catching hospitality establishment that will be the envy of all others has never been easier. Your literal and figurative “lightbulb moment” will help you become the preferred hotel for family vacationers, business gurus, honeymooners, and adventurers of all sorts.