Choosing the Right Company for your Exterior Lighting Needs

led-bulbIf you are looking for exterior lighting solutions for your growing business then you should look no further than Relumination. We are a company who specializes in providing lighting solutions that are energy-efficient. The fact that we provide energy-efficient solutions means you can  cut down on your own company’s energy costs. Another benefit is that we can help you decrease your company’s environmental footprint. We do this by providing sustainable solutions.

According to, “LED lighting contributes to energy savings and sustainability by improving working conditions through deliberately directed light and lowering the energy needed to power lighting fixtures.” At Relumination, we provide LED lighting to our customers. This kind of lighting has numerous advantages. One of the benefits of LED lighting is that it is cost-effective. You can save up-to 90% on all your energy costs and lower your electricity bill while reducing operating costs. Ultimately, you will be able to improve your company’s cash flow.

Another benefit of LED lighting is that it is durable. The fact that LED light bulbs last longer means you will spend less money and time on bulb changes. For those who are environmentally conscious, it is important to note that LED lights are free from harmful materials such as mercury. Moreover, they are recyclable. Yet another advantage is that you get quality lighting with LED lights. The reason for this is that the lights do not degrade or discolor. Additionally, they do not damage the objects and surfaces that they illuminate.

If you are concerned about how safe LED lights are, you shouldn’t be. You should know that the lights do not emit either infra-red or ultra-violet rays. This means that they will not damage your skin or your eyes. Unlike incandescent and florescent lights, LED lighting does not cause sore eyes and headaches. Lastly, the lights have a low operating temperature which means they will not heat up your office.

The best lighting company is one that provides energy–efficient solutions. Contact us today, we will conduct an assessment to determine your needs. We will also offer recommendations and help you choose a lighting solution that will not only improve the quality of your lighting, but will also lower your energy costs and reduce your maintenance expenses.

Commercial LED Lighting: A Grocery Store Trend

There are many grocery stores across the United States that are seeing the benefits of LED lighting. LED lights attract customers, and make the food look more appetizing and appealing to them. For example, the LED lights can make fruits and vegetables look fresh, as well as make the frozen foods boxes and labels stand out. While you may be wondering how that is possible, LED lights cast a different sort of lighting and when it comes to showcasing food, many believe it makes food look more appealing.

Changing your grocery store lighting will not only make the food look better, but you can save money. LED lighting can cut energy costs because they do not use a lot of power.

Your favorite green vegetables and bright fruits will appeal to your customers, and show them how much your store cares about quality. Your customers generally look at the appearance of your meats to determine the freshness. LED lighting can enhance the meat on its display. Additionally, normal lighting radiates heat which is the last thing you want when refrigerating meat. LED lights remain much cooler than other alternatives.

Most of your grocery store’s energy use is probably on refrigeration. The majority of the use is towards the refrigerator cases, freezers, and the soda cases near the checkout counters.

When you add LED lighting to your refrigerator display cases and freezers, you can receive the following benefits:

Reduction on energy costs: The systems in LED lighting will not emit an excess amount of heat, so the compressor does not have to do so much work. The LED cases will perform at low temperatures.

Reduction on maintenance costs: LED lights have a longer useful life than fluorescent lights, resulting in decreased maintenance.

Environmentally-friendly: The lighting in LED does not contain mercury. The low consumption of energy will not have any gas emissions.  

Contact us for more information about how your grocery store’s environment can be improved with a “light” change.

Relumination selected to join TEP Program

Tucson+Electric+PowerWe are happy to announce our inclusion in the TEP (Tucson Electric Power) Commercial Energy Solutions Small Business Trade Ally Program.

This is a chance for us to offer additional installation rebates for our customers and it is an honor to be one of the selected contractors chosen to offer small business savings. Sometimes we need an incentive to get us started on a project and with the TEP rebates, installing energy-efficient lighting has never been more affordable for small businesses.

When you make the decision to change your commercial lighting to LED or other energy-efficient technologies, your costs go much further. Just one LED fixture can have a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours and reduce energy consumption by more than 80 percent.

Whether you are installing new lighting in your restaurant, commercial office, distribution center or other facility, energy-efficient lighting can save you money and now that we have joined forces with TEP, the savings are better than ever.

Interior Lighting: Why LED is the Way to Go

Lighting systems are very important parts of any commercial or residential building. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are making proper use of the quality lighting you choose for your home or work environment.

Quality interior lighting is important because it not only allows you to see well but also increases the value of your property. You can also improve the appearance of your building with the help of interior lighting. If you are currently unhappy with your lighting, the good news is that you can easily upgrade your current lighting systems to make sure that you make use of quality lighting at all times.

Interior lighting should be able to help you reduce the costs of energy while maximizing  productivity. LED lighting is indoorproviding many people with lighting benefits. This is mainly because the light from LEDs is sufficiently bright, directional and glare free. This ensures that you do not strain your eyes. LED lighting reduces the costs of operation, improves safety during use and is eco-friendly. This is mainly because these bulbs do not burn out easily or increase room temperature. In addition, they do not require much electricity to function.

Additionally, LED interior lighting is cool to touch and is shatter resistant. It is important to make sure that different rooms in the home have lighting that suits the purpose of the room. Kitchens can have adjustable lighting that allows for dimming of the lights during dinner and brightening the lights during cooking. Bedroom lighting is another interior lighting that you need to consider. This is because bedroom lighting incorporates bedside lamps and ceiling lamps. It is important that there are options for dimming the light to make sure that the light is not too harsh and bright in times of relaxation.

Interior lighting should be able to incorporate artwork and pay attention to activities while making small spaces appear bigger.This will ensure that you enhance all the rooms in your home with great lighting solutions. Use of such techniques in interior lighting will allow you to get the best out of the available lighting products, which will make your spaces stand out.

Ready to make the switch to cost effective lighting? Contact us for more information on the energy-efficient lighting solutions that we can offer you to ensure that you get quality interior lighting that works well for your home.

Commercial Lighting Retrofit: a Simple, Efficient Cost-Cutting Measure for your Business

60_LED_3W_Spot_Light_eq_25WIn this uncertain business climate, being able to save money is important. And while there are many different options to pursue, none of them are quite as efficient as a LED commercial lighting retrofit. LED lighting is much more efficient than fluorescent bulbs traditionally used in commercial buildings. Not only do LED lights shine brighter, they also provide a better light – one that doesn’t flicker or emit UV rays.

Here are three ways switching to LED lighting can cut your business’ overhead costs:

Improved Energy Savings: LED lights use up to 70-90% less energy than conventional bulbs. The resulting utility savings is enormous, and only get larger with the rising price of energy.

Longer Lifespan: LED lights have a lifespan of over 50 thousand hours. Not only this, they’re also much more durable than conventional bulbs, making them much less susceptible to physical damage. These two facts combined greatly reduces the frequency of replacing lights.

Lowered HVAC Costs: Conventional bulbs emit heat during operation. In large enough numbers, this can require your AC system to work harder than it has to to keep your office cool during the summer. Since LED lights are more efficient in converting electricity to light, there isn’t much of any waste energy it convert to heat.

All of this is without taking into account government tax incentives and energy company rebates – all of which Relumination will handle during your lighting retrofit project.

Contact us today to get started on your LED retrofitting project.

Improve your Parking Garage’s Safety with LED Lighting

parking-garageIf your office, apartment building, or shopping center has a parking garage, you know how important it is to keep the garage well-lit. The safety of your employees, tenants, or patrons is extremely important, so you’re always looking for the best and most efficient methods of parking garage lighting.

If you’re still using outdated incandescent or fluorescent lighting, consider the following benefits to an LED lighting system for your parking garage:

Improved Safety: Compared to traditional bulb types, LED lights are much brighter, last much longer, and are much more durable. The combination of these three factors makes it much more unlikely that any part of your garage will be underlit due to broken or burnt out bulbs. Additionally, they are much brighter and provide more even lighting which helps improve safety and instills a sense of security in your staff, tenants, or patrons.

Improved Cost Efficiency: Compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs last up to ten times longer, and use up to 70% less electricity. Between having to be replaced less often and using less energy throughout their lifetime, LED lighting helps reduce overhead costs associated with running lights through the night.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Since these lights are remaining on all night, the energy used to power the lights and also to manufacture the bulbs are added to your business’ carbon footprint. Since LED lights use less energy, don’t need to be manufactured in the same volume as conventional bulbs, and are 100% recyclable, switching to LED lights can greatly reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Whatever your parking garage’s needs, Relumination can help. Contact us today for a free estimate on your new LED lighting system.

Relumination Receives AZ Registrar of Contractors K-11 Commercial/Residential Electrical License

We are pleased to announce that Relumination has received our AZ Registrar of Contractors K-11 Commercial/Residential Electrical license.

For you, our consumer, this means you have more assurance than ever that working with us is the right choice. If you are looking to update the lighting in your commercial space, we will work closely with you to show you how a few revisions can save your company extra money and resources.

It is important when choosing a partner to upgrade your lighting that you choose one that can handle the project “turn-key”. At Relumination we pride ourselves on offering the best products and implementation in the industry.


Go “Green” With LED Lighting Solutions

8_25There are many benefits of becoming a “Green” enterprise. Some of the advantageous are apparent; and others may be less obvious. For instance, an energy efficient lighting plan may go unnoticed socially, however the implementation will prove your business to be socially responsible. Still, light commands attention in any room; proving that we perceive light by the amount of its presence, its quality, and its color characteristics. Lighting is also a key factor in the health and well-being of your employees, and can easily be done in an environmentally responsible way.

The key to energy efficiency depends on the type of light you use.

Unlike the traditional incandescent light bulbs which are widely used because of their low purchase cost, LED (light emitting diode) bulbs and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs have become the bulbs of choice for going green. While a incandescent light bulb only last 1,500 hours; a LED’s lifespan is 60,000 hours and a CFL can provide up to 10,000 hours of light. Either of these lights can save energy and don’t emit carbon emissions like the incandescent light bulb. You can effectively light your business space with one of these eco-friendly bulbs, or both. First, choose some general lighting to illuminate the overall space. Next find task-specific lighting for working closely on projects, and lastly include natural lighting from the sun.

Relumination acknowledges how light is perceived. We are knowledgeable  of an energy efficient light’s lumen value (or the measurement of the light output). As an experienced lighting company we also understand that different activities and/or places require different lighting levels; and can determine whether a light is bright, dull, or if the quality of the light presents a glare; and are knowledgeable of a lights frequency, and wavelength.

“Green” your enterprise with the right light and  contact us.

Relumination’s LED Lights: The Solution to Cold Storage Lighting

supermarket-bigThe efficiency of cold storage units are essential to the cleanliness and food safety of any restaurant or supermarket. In many of these businesses however, this sanitation is  ineffective due to faulty cold storage lighting. Fortunately, Relumination’s design for LED lighting solves these risks while saving the food industry money.

Many lights in cold storage units produce heat, compromising the necessary food temperatures. Restaurants will increase the use of air conditioning in an attempt to combat this. This is costly and does not guarantee that food will be kept within health code regulations. However, less than 10% of the energy used in Relumination’s LED lights is converted to heat. Unlike other lights, Relumination’s LED lights stay cool, maintaining the temperature in cold storage and saving money on air conditioning.

Another fault of many cold storage lighting systems is that they are operated with a light switch. This may seem like a insignificant factor but it can actually be a major health concern. For instance, in a restaurant, workers prepare various raw and cooked ingredients. They rush in and out of the cold storage, flicking on and off that light switch as they go. The many hands touching that same light switch with various ingredients and even cleaning chemicals creates a huge health hazard. Yes, the lights in the cold storage could be left on during the entire work day but again, it is costly. Not only on the electric bill, but if they are heat producing lights, as mentioned above, on the air conditioning bill as well.

Relumination, of course has a solution. Relumination offers lights controlled by motion sensors. This means that as soon as a worker walks into the cold storage, the lights turn on. These motion sensor LED lights also have a feature called, “Instant On.” Unlike most motion sensor l ights that need time to warm up, Relumination LED lights instantly turn on to the full power with dimming options.

Finally, Relumination LED lights are durable and are not made of glass. So if a light is dropped in the cold storage, there is no messy or dangerous clean up near or in the food.

For more information, contact us.

Parking Garage Lighting Retrofitted In Palatine

The city of Palatine, IL had to meet stringent requirements to be considered for a federal grant that allowed a city-operated four level garage to be retrofitted with LED lighting. The grant, delivered through the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity Grant Program, required a return on investment (ROI) of no more than seven years.

Success resulted in part from ‘due diligence’ studies conducted by DPW Director M. Berry. More than cost savings resulted. Tests of various luminares sought even, glare-free illumination. Various luminaires were installed at the garage, and customer input was solicited. Customers often noticed the absence of dark spots with the use of LED lighting. Color temperature was also considered, with the nod going eventually going to a 6000 K cool white LED.

Ultimately, the 451 existing metal halide fixtures were replaced at the Gateway Center Parking Garage in Palatine. The new LED luminares are rated at 70,000 hours, thus reducing maintenance costs in the parking structure. The LEDs are 90W, replacing 232W lighting. The new lighting in the parking garage offers the added advantage of better maintaining both color and illumination over the life of the LED. The flatter lumen depreciation curve is important to maintaining required illumination levels for such a structure.

The advantages continue. This retrofitted public parking garage helps Palatine to meet LEED requirements for lighting efficiency. The high resistance to temperature changes and vibrations has further added to the efficacy of LED parking garage lighting.

Contact us at Relumination to calculate the savings potential for your project.