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Parking Garage Lighting Retrofitted In Palatine

The city of Palatine, IL had to meet stringent requirements to be considered for a federal grant that allowed a city-operated four level garage to be retrofitted with LED lighting. The grant, delivered through the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity Grant Program, required a return on investment (ROI) of no more than seven years.

Success resulted in part from ‘due diligence’ studies conducted by DPW Director M. Berry. More than cost savings resulted. Tests of various luminares sought even, glare-free illumination. Various luminaires were installed at the garage, and customer input was solicited. Customers often noticed the absence of dark spots with the use of LED lighting. Color temperature was also considered, with the nod going eventually going to a 6000 K cool white LED.

Ultimately, the 451 existing metal halide fixtures were replaced at the Gateway Center Parking Garage in Palatine. The new LED luminares are rated at 70,000 hours, thus reducing maintenance costs in the parking structure. The LEDs are 90W, replacing 232W lighting. The new lighting in the parking garage offers the added advantage of better maintaining both color and illumination over the life of the LED. The flatter lumen depreciation curve is important to maintaining required illumination levels for such a structure.

The advantages continue. This retrofitted public parking garage helps Palatine to meet LEED requirements for lighting efficiency. The high resistance to temperature changes and vibrations has further added to the efficacy of LED parking garage lighting.

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