Remember Energy Efficient Lighting when Redesigning your Buildings

While businesses will typically spend resources on consultants for process efficiencies during the redesign process, they might not look towards energy efficiencies as a cost-saving measure. If your business is considering a redesign or new build, you could be missing some of the simplest cost savings possible if you omit a lighting consultation. That’s where Relumination comes in. Whether it’s during a redesign or the construction of a new building, remember to include Relumination during your planning phase.

Firstly, we’ll help you consider repositioning your fixtures to better fit how your business works now. If your building was designed more than fifteen years ago the chances are that you have had to make modifications to your processes and physical environment in order to keep up with your business’s changing needs. It may also be that your physical layout didn’t change, but you could eliminate a number of fixtures by using different lighting — perhaps a fixture that spreads light wider or lighting closer to the work being done.  This too would help reduce energy usage. If you’re considering making a change to your physical layout make sure to add a lighting consultation so your design isn’t limited because of your current lighting scheme.

Once we have considered where your lighting needs to be, it’s time to properly determine how much lighting you’ll need in those fixtures. No one wants to work in dim — and possibly dangerous — conditions, but there are times where you can safely scale down the wattage used in a fixture. This too will save your business in the long run. While often overlooked, installing lighting fixtures that are too large for what you truly need is like buying a seven-ton air conditioner for your tiny apartment. It will certainly cool down the area, but it will do so with such poor efficiency that you’ll end up wasting money.

Whatever your business’s current buildings’ needs are, remember to include a lighting consultation from Relumination in order to reap energy efficiencies that add to your bottom line.