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Is Your Grocery Store Using Four Layers of Lighting?

Grocery stores are split into sections. Not only can your customers delineate the borders of a grocery’s produce section, bakery, dairy section, and more due to the posted signs, but they can sense a difference in how the sections feel. This separation is largely due to the lighting, and using the right lighting for different areas can help direct customers behavior towards purchases.

What layers of lighting should your grocery store have beyond general lighting?

  1. Task lighting: Task lighting is restricted to work-based areas, such as customer service desks, check-out registers, and back storage areas. This lighting is brighter and creates more contrast than general lighting, which is generally softer and less intensive so other lighting systems can work. Use this light to create higher contrast and illumination so your employees can better process payments and provide services.
  2. Accent lighting: Accenting lighting should be precise and intense, almost like it’s creating a spotlight on the goods you want customers to focus on. This focal point should have high contrast and depth so it draws the eye. In fact, in order to make accent-lighting even more eye-catching, you shouldn’t light more than 20% of an area, and all use of accent lighting should have a very specific purpose.
  3. Decorative lighting: Specialty areas and boutique shops within wider grocery stores are becoming more and more popular. In-store Starbucks locations or third-party bakeries are the perfect spots for decorative lighting, which use additional style elements to break up space and create a contrast between its floor space and the rest of your store. Decorative lighting adds warmth and coloring on top of general lighting and can be used in conjunction with the other layers.

Lighting your grocery store appropriately can help encourage customers to purchase produce and perishable goods, as well as select goods of focus. It also helps your employees perform better at their jobs without creating abrasive lighting across the store.