How to Attract Customers to Products with Better Lighting

You already know that every single display detail matters in retail spaces. But there’s nowhere that’s truer than in a grocery store. Different lights change how green the produce looks or how red and fresh the meat appears. Lighting also changes how customers move throughout the space and what they think of the experience. 

So don’t just switch to LEDs and opt for daylight settings. Here are three more ways to use your lights profitably:

Light up bodegas and sections differently.

People notice differences in lighting even if they don’t know what they noticed. So underscore your bodegas, clearance sections, or new arrivals with pointed lights that have a slightly higher brightness or a different color. 

Add more light over high-margin or must-go products in the freezer aisles.

Freezer space is a valuable commodity, and it’s essential to get rid of clearance to make room for more profitable items. But it can be tricky if all of the clearance is grouped away from their usual sections. Draw customers’ attention to the clearance shelves by making them light up first. If your store has energy-saving lights with motion detectors, make sure any movement triggers the lights above the clearance.

Backlight display signs and decorations.

Signs and decorations can draw a lot of attention to displays. Even if your store has dim lighting, customers will be able to see and read the displays. What backlighting adds is another layer of invitation. Customers will gravitate toward even out of the way displays if the light is bright and welcoming. So use backlighting anytime you need to change your customers’ usual travel paths to bring them to a new stand or display in the store.

Grocery store lighting can make all the difference in what non-essential products become popular or stay on the shelves. Contact Relumination today for the right supplies and advice to make your store shine.